Fly or Die for Bass Trombone and Piano by Gilles Rocha -

Fly or Die for Bass Trombone and Piano by Gilles Rocha

Chance Gompert
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Fly or Die for Bass Trombone and Piano by Gilles Rocha
Chance Gompert, Bass Trombone
Dr. Byunghee Yoo, Piano
Recorded May 23 2021 in Auer Hall at Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music


  1. Sounds pretty good! I would be willing to give you a lesson

  2. Where did you find this as a performance? Honestly< Those loud notes were taken just form nothing, there was not leading line to those notes

  3. Man I love this. I am a junior trombone player in high school, do you have any tips to get better besides practice? Love your content and playing.

  4. In my next life I want to play like this! – Harry

  5. Wow! I really enjoy how you made this song sing! Awesome job.

  6. Seriously, if you’re not too busy winning a job, think about becoming a full time soloist 😎

  7. Holy smokes man! Big congrats on this one!!

  8. Incredible!!!!! Good to see you at ITF Chance!

  9. Bravo Maestro!!!🎼🎵🎶 🙌🏽

  10. Back in the day, I was a great bass trombone player. I pale in comparison to this guy!!!

  11. Good grief, Chance! Grass Fed Angus 🥩 Bravo!

  12. No exaggeration, I think this is the best Fly or Die i've ever heard!

  13. I juste wanna say waw, that is insane, congratulations 😨

  14. Those initial low notes were so tight!

  15. Басовые ноты фантастически звучат!

  16. Wow thanks your low notes pedals actually sound good.

  17. Esplêndido !!!!!! Maravilhoso, parabéns.

  18. Where can I buy this piece with the piano part?

  19. Nice editing! Very convincing, but not the original version. But as such, excellent.

  20. You need to have a laser air stream fast enough to cut diamonds , a tongue with more muscles than your quads and lips stronger than steal to pull this shit off. Absolute beast.

  21. Great work! Bravo!!! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  22. amazing tone, how long have you been playing?

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