FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Gilles Rocha, Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux) -

FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Gilles Rocha, Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux)

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FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Published by Editions Marc Reift (EMR 28251) )
Composer: Gilles Rocha
Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux, Bass Trombone (Champion Valaisan Junior 2015)
Live recording: 5 December 2015


  1. every once in a while i get re recommended this. going to finally sasve this vid this time

  2. As a Trombone player (also as a bass bone player) this is something unbelievable!

    And a live performance! Nobody can even imagine to do like You did! Fantastic!

    Number One performance for Trombone absolutely!

  3. his hand is literally moving faster than the frame rate of the camera

  4. 音じたいはでるけどこんな風に吹けん

  5. and I thought I was good when playing flight of the bumble bee…

  6. I can't believe I ever dared to call myself a trombonist before. I'm nowhere near skilled enough.

  7. Regular people: He plays so fast!?
    Trombonists: His sound is phenomenal!

  8. Solo trombone part no player
    1st trombone part no player
    2nd trombone part no player
    3rd trombone part no player
    4th trombone part no player

    Bass trombone: Don't worry, I HANDLE WITH THIS…..

  9. If i'm warmed up and ready I can play a mean C-1 on bass trombone but I cannot for the life of me play those high notes.

  10. 凄すぎ…

  11. He clearly has no friends and has never had sex 😲

  12. I am training my hardest to try to play this, and it kinda sucks.

  13. The range on this man is absolutely astonishing. If I’m not mistaken, the highest note was a D above high C, and the lowest was a pedal D no?

  14. Esse é fera 👏👏👏 parabéns trombonista

  15. If I played this in band class, I would have an A+ for the rest of the year

  16. Dude could kiss a girl and make her fart a pedal D….. 🤣

  17. My initial thought: ooh I should learn this song
    Once I get further in the video : oh wait nevermind

  18. I guess I need a better trombone to play this
    And a better mouthpiece
    Then it’s easy

  19. Bro it's difficult to play wrong notes that fast.


  21. Почему этот бас хуже алесси?

  22. Imagine someone puts lyrics for every note he plays, so that this song becomes a rap. 🤣

  23. As a fellow bass trombonist I know I’m not that good lol 😂 lol

  24. My pronouns are he not him cause I’ll never be him 😔

  25. какой балдеж)ааа))

  26. Does anyone know the model of bass trombone this guy uses?

  27. Great example of a bass trombonist who does everything right. The best I've ever heard. I would bet that he has studied Arnold Jacobs for the importance of keeping the air going. Also, these words of wisdom from two Chicago Symphony Trombonists are certainly evident in his playing: Jay Friedman who reminds when slurring from low to high to get set on the lower note, imagine the next note, do nothing else, and "keep blowing," and Charles Vernon who reminds us to keep the "buzz" in our embouchure going when changing notes. His concept of what the horn can do is limitless.

  28. Dude I have watched this way too many times. It is so great.

  29. When the audience should bow as deep as the soloist did!

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