FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Gilles Rocha, Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux) -

FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Gilles Rocha, Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux)

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FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Published by Editions Marc Reift (EMR 28251) )
Composer: Gilles Rocha
Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux, Bass Trombone (Champion Valaisan Junior 2015)
Live recording: 5 December 2015


  1. Открыл рот и до конца видеоролика не закрывал!

  2. I was waiting for him to pass out when he bowed

  3. Масло. Вкуснятина

  4. does anyone know where i can buy the sheet music for this?

  5. Hear me out, that second part sounds great as a solo.

  6. He turned the page as if he was reading it in the first place lol

  7. I watch this at least daily.
    I don't even play the trombone.
    I don't even play a brass instrument.
    I play the saxophone.

  8. I keep coming back to this. He's just… yes

  9. From reading the comments you would think this guy is a fantastic horn player or something…

  10. Awsome. expected some other kind of song starting at 4:06 though

  11. Sofia carson Nanomi Moarles Te Amo mi amor queiro mucho 😂😂😂😂 Nanomi queiro mucho ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love Te Amo mi amor

  12. i can just smell the slide grease on that instrument

  13. This is a tenor piece with some pedal tones ngl

  14. thats cool and all but my horn and slide dont make a right angle. beat that.

  15. After 3 years watching this still gives me chills

  16. If I got a dollar for every time this guy wiped his nose, pretty sure I'd be the worlds first trillionaire.

  17. This man plays with such heart that I get goosebumps every Pedal he does, every high note, every 16th note, every trill and every slur he does.
    Basically the whole entire song. this man is a living legend with the best instrument known to man…

  18. Those legatos mean his girlfriend is a very happy lady

  19. What your BD says will happen when you practice for 40 hours a day

  20. Thanks i wonder if he could just go get a job right now in some major orquestra, big band , what not .

  21. 高音が美しく鳴るからこそ低音のカッコ良さが際立ってるのスキ

  22. Amazingly expressive
    and four solid goose honks

  23. I found if even I play bass one I can play high notes, I can play more low notes!

  24. bass bones are amazing to play.. and hard AF… I had a 42 B bach which is in between the pea shooter and bass… had to play bass for a while in HS. and the bore mouthpiece is 50ish- almost the size of tuba and to get that high octave on that size mouthpiece is just mind blowing

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