FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Gilles Rocha, Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux) -

FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Gilles Rocha, Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux)

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FLY OR DIE for Bass Trombone and Piano (Published by Editions Marc Reift (EMR 28251) )
Composer: Gilles Rocha
Soloist: Lionel Fumeaux, Bass Trombone (Champion Valaisan Junior 2015)
Live recording: 5 December 2015


  1. What is your range in a Bass Trombone?
    Cocaine Yes

  2. Most Bass Trombonist…"I don't think I can play this piece…." Lionel Fumeaux "Hold my beer…" lol

  3. I listened to this non-stop on the 2 1/2 hours to Allstate. Made Allstate. The power of god came through the screen.

  4. I saw this video one or two years ago and it really sparked my interest in bass trombone and I finally got one the other day and boy do I love it

  5. What I if told you,

    I you read that wrong

  6. This man can crack a jawbreaker in half with HIS LIPS

  7. Searched for fat bass trombone,
    Was pleasantly unsurprised.

  8. That was an incredible performance. Clearly one of the best.

    The bass trombone was ok

  9. Мощь!!!!!!!!!!!! Танк

  10. Словно Ангел и Демон в одном лице

  11. So easy. Should be in every beginners repitore.

  12. Je me régale à écouter ça ! Moi je suis batteur, et jadore la technique, et là ça me plaît ! Merci

  13. I could listen to this on a loop…. it’s so freaking awesome!

  14. Only legends know that HOT CROSS BUNS IS HARDER THAN THIS

  15. I shit u not I gave up trying to learn it when I saw this

  16. Bruce Lee switched from trombone to martial arts after watching Lionel play, realize he could never move his arms this fast

  17. Wow, I came to Youtube looking for sad trombone memes, and ended up transfixed under this pair of headphones…

  18. My God, the technique, the cleanliness, the way he does it all with such ease especially when considering the difficulty of this piece

    That page turner is on a completely different level

  19. He didn't play that to entertain people. He wanted to show off his sheer skill and flex on us mortals.

  20. When he’s speeding, he gives the cop a ticket

  21. A bass bone solo with over a million views! Who would of ever thought of such a thing! Next thing will be a natural trumpet solo with a million views! This world has gone to shit…………Long live Bill Chase.

  22. When this guy gets bored sometimes he takes over gods

  23. The most impressive thing is not the tonguing speed, but the fact that he somehow coordinates the slide and keeps the notes in tune on the fast parts.

  24. Hope his girlfriend keeps some slide oil with her at all times ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. From someone in middle school band, the best compliment I can give is: It sounds better than a 12 year old spitting into a trombone.

  26. I can just see someone now trying to play this and their constant joke being "DIE"

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