Fly or Die for Bass Trombone and Piano -

Fly or Die for Bass Trombone and Piano

Noah Roberts
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This is a rework of jbywater21’s arrangment (found here: )

To those who wish to play this as a solo piece: God speed and good luck. You’re going to need it.
Sheet music made with MuseScore –


  1. I'd like to take this moment to first thank everyone who has left comments, but really, you should check out jbywater21's arrangement, as most of the work I did, transcription wise, was simply copy and pasting sections from his (link in the description)Now, there have been several comments about his already, so I think I need to clarify:TL:DR Summary -> This was a personal project to learn more about Musescore, not a replacement to a published version of the score. Its purpose was to teach me more about the program.For those curious about why it is either a) Not possible or b) has pedal tones that are weird or nonsensical, this wasn't meant to be a replacement to actual sheet music of the song. I used this song as a way to get a better understanding of MuseScore and it's functionalities. This is why it may not be 'true' to the original solo. It was simply a song that I choose to use to learn more about soundfonts, dynamics and tempo changes via the inspector panel, and other non-amateur techniques. Just wanted to clear that up for those curious, and for future viewers that may be curious.

  2. Nice – but trombone players don't usually read anything in treble clef.

  3. THANK YOU so much for converting this over to sheet music, the last time i saw this played was by lionel fumeaux

  4. I think the real difficulty of playing this song is knowing treble clef. And maybe the one sharp key signature. Oh lord

  5. Mr. Quercus Mischievous Wizard-Knight says:

    AWESOME! 😃😃😃👏👏👏

  6. You wrote out the bass trombone part mostly an octave too high.

  7. I've generally found Tenor clef to be used for trombone unless writing in a Bb transposed context – e.g. UK Brass Band. Otherwise I tend to automatically transpose for Bb when presented with Treble Clef.

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