Fly or Die IO - Snowy Owl Fail -

Fly or Die IO – Snowy Owl Fail

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Fly or Die IO – Snowy Owl Fail

Jumping back into Fly or Die IO for another round of crazy flying shenanigans. We made it up to the Snowy Owl but then had a epic fail. I am really enjoying so needless to say we will have to return to this game yet again. From Sonic to Streets of Rage, relive the magic of segagam iconic titles online. Start playing and let the nostalgia wash over you.

I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am and thank you for all the support! We’ll see you next time, HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!

Flyordie io is a fun multiplayer game of survival in which you control a small fly – you must literally learn to become a fly and survive or die! You must search for food and try to survive in the wild against other players and animals. As you progress and level up you can evolve into new animals that are larger and have greater power.
Each animal has predators that you must be aware of so keep moving and don’t become someone else’s food! Remember that you are fighting against hundreds of other players so have fun and try to survive in the wild!

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  1. I keep dying over and over again as snowy owl it's literally impossible to evolve from snowy owl unless the developer do something about it then i don't think it's possible to get padt snowy owl and I'm also crying from the many times i been killed

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