FLY vs. TSM - Week 6 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | FlyQuest vs. TSM (2023) -

FLY vs. TSM – Week 6 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | FlyQuest vs. TSM (2023)

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VoD of FlyQuest vs. TSM
LCS Summer Split 2023 #LCS

Casters: Captainflowers & Azael
Interview: Raz

FlyQuest Lineup:
⦁ Impact – Top Rumble
⦁ spica – Jungle Amumu
⦁ VicLa – Mid Jayce
⦁ Prince – ADC Kai’Sa
⦁ Vulcan – Support Nautilus

TSM Lineup:
⦁ Hauntzer – Top K’Sante
⦁ Bugi – Jungle Nocturne
⦁ Insanity – Mid Neeko
⦁ WildTurtle – ADC Tristana
⦁ Chime – Support Maokai

The LCS is a ten team league in North America run by Riot Games, where each annual season of competition is hosted twice a year (Spring and Summer Split). It concludes with a double-elimination tournament between the top 8 teams. The top 3 finishers from the Summer bracket are entered into the LoL World Championship.

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  1. That fight TSM took at the dragon reallly created the snowball to an L

  2. Oh thank god Captain Flowers and Azael are casting

  3. This is the reason I love the internet. So much fun!

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