- 2-Player Beating The Game (MAX LVL) Grim Reaper | JeromeASF - – 2-Player Beating The Game (MAX LVL) Grim Reaper | JeromeASF

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Today we play

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  1. the final boss is like super evil!!!……

  2. Everyone who fought the first boss for the first time without dieting: ima surviver

  3. Who did not know it's his birthday today

  4. i'm a idiot is the phrase i was waiting for from my boy jerome

  5. Is it just me or dose dropsy kind of sound like poki Maine

  6. Did you guys know that there is a worm like animal that if you cut it in half it clones itself into 2 and slowly it grows the missing parts that were cut off and then there is two different of the same blood.

  7. every time i play fly or die when i reach blue bird i die
    and i cant talk to you please help me my name in fly or die is deon
    please help me

  8. if you want youcan record or not record your choice
    help me level up

  9. By the way when you were the stone eater you could eat rocks and other stone eaters

  10. To answer the fire question , no there arent different fires , but the thing that fire needs is an oxydizer , so oxigen and other chemicals.

  11. When Jerome said fired can't exist in space and I'm like ahaa fires can use hydrogen to make fire because stars are balls burning hydrogen

  12. There a secret that if you go into the ice castle in the far left you will see a guy so good luck before you go there because some rimpers will go over there to fight you

  13. your next name should be toe mama >:)))))))

  14. U could see Jerome was mad because of the smile he did

  15. theres fire that deosint go away in water man and co2 osejen is the caben from along time ago they used carben like plants then to moch co2 they died

  16. Answer to drawls question about the other gases with fire the sun it’s a big examples of hydrogen gas fire

  17. i start at the fly and end at the snowy owl usually but he started as a snowy own and ended as a grim reaper

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