- 4-Player (MAX Evolution) Red Grim Reaper | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (MAX Evolution) Red Grim Reaper | JeromeASF

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  1. So I'm doing a school report:

    Bald Eagles

    Habitat: America

    Diet: American flags, Cats, Penguins

  2. Jerome my old dog was called Kevin now my new dog is called Ralph haha

  3. Was anyone else excited when Digimon was mentioned 😀

  4. They should add something in this game that you eat as the Cosmic Bat that gives you a bottomless stomach, and allows you to go down a different path of evolution where you end us as some crazy space creature

  5. You're probably 2 times my age and I know what that is

  6. Puffins and penguins are separate animals. Also penguins can swim extremely well.

  7. Possums are not native to the us I see them all the time in New Zealand

  8. When he said I didn’t think insects lived that long i can’t be the only one to almost yell SPIDERS ARE NOT INSECTS to the screen

  9. There’s a 4 foot long spider called a huntsman spider

  10. SPIDER CRICKETS ARE REAL!!! I've had them in my basement before and they freak me out lol

  11. Jerome zaboomafoo is basically just a knockoff of wild krats

  12. So he won the peace prize and he made a bomb

  13. There r actually different types of 'water bears' so they cant survive space, volcanoes and sub zero temps as the same 'water bear'

  14. zoboomafoo is a real word theres a thing called zoboomafoo lemur puppet its eyes are creepy

  15. He actually made TNT so that wars would be stopped because of the fear of weapons of mass destruction. It completely worked against him so then he fouded the Nobel Peace Prize to award people that try to do what he tried to do.

  16. it is not myname is <——- jeff its mynamjeff

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