- 4-Player (Max LVL 9999) Pink Grim Reaper | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (Max LVL 9999) Pink Grim Reaper | JeromeASF

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  1. Just saying i probably say more than 300 questions a day

  2. Blue and shield how can you make the first time in a party for your free drink and shield how can we get gems fast and fast food on our own home in a party style and style and send them to me and shield how they can I come back with them and I will watch the drop down of you for the drop down of you to be there in a couple weeks to see what is going out there for the drop down of you and the other one was a little more of an effort than to put it up in a good mood and shield how we can help with your pick and send them to us as soon we will have a look for them and shield how we are you and we will also be grateful to be with a friend

  3. Last summer I had a gardener snake under my bush and in my pool

  4. jerome: the europe7 server is the most aggressive server
    me on europe7: :O

  5. I know how to play I wish I did on the computer

  6. When they say the use wiki I was soooooo and because it is such a unreliable source

  7. Jerome there is a spider boss that you passed in the jungle as a demonic imp did you know there was a spider boss in that hole?

  8. Sorry i killed you i just didnt see your name untill now

  9. Its 2 hydrogenn 1 oxygen not 2 oxygen
    and 2H2O would be 2 water molecules so 4 hydrogen an 2 oxygen.

  10. Jerome did you know that there is a spider boss in the Jurassic area

  11. When cappy said Tony hork me:Tony stork

  12. If you are the demonic imp you can go down and find a spider boss then you go to the piramid to eat the mummy

  13. Honestly the video was really boring

  14. That’s not true sometimes I don’t Evan ask a question a day

  15. i can never geto n the leader board I ALWAYS DIE

  16. I miss having show and tell I loved bring in different toys and throwing them at the other kids

  17. lol that grim reaper was me i nkow there is a anther way so i tried an killed hem

  18. I absolutely love fly or die because of the Florida guy jokes

  19. man theres water prooth fire you know man

  20. im kid i ask ike 5 at most questions a day kinda man

  21. man hey ty if i get boured il play this mabe man

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