- 4-Player (MAX LVL) Grim Reaper | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (MAX LVL) Grim Reaper | JeromeASF

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  1. Jerome: Don’t steal my meat chank raven!!!!
    Also Jerome:”sets raven on fire”

  2. i know how Jerome got so much exp on the demonic imp before the spider boss i think im pretty sure it was when he was in the snowy area he set a mad bat on fire in the tunnels he also ate 2 chickens on the way or whatever those things are called

  3. We watched the video for 1 hour and he just died

  4. When you where talking about bugs I remembered that as a kid I ate a poisoned spider

  5. Use the portal at the end of the hot side to get to the snowy area.

  6. The only ad I ever see is ur ad for dragon tamer

  7. Poop Gem🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. There's a spider boss under the cretaceous period!

  9. anyone else just find out he almost killed ssundee when he was a pterodactyl

  10. Vale makes a point, maybe if you had grapes the duck wouldn’t have sacrificed you to The immortal devil of evil that lives in hell but only comes out to feast on the blood of the innocent

  11. Jerome prees enter in your key bord in flyordie

  12. fun fact: there is protals at left and right of map
    in space if you go to protal then you got to the telport to next protal

  13. Jerome:i just poisoned a "blackbird"
    meh:uhhhhh its a red bird?
    Jerome: and then a "falcon" eat em.
    meh:wait WHATTTTT

  14. They should make a JeromeASF character that is after the dragon and it's just a big nose

  15. Actually Jerome the average human accidentally eats ~430 bugs a year

  16. sheesh your mouth is faster then your internet

  17. It warned you like 0000.1 mil second ago

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