- 4-Player (RAGE) 2Million+ MAX Lvl | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (RAGE) 2Million+ MAX Lvl | JeromeASF

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  1. I can't stop thinking about missionary phoenix' from utah now. I would like phoenix' here to spice things up

  2. There is a second spider boss under the Jurassic part of the map

  3. Avatar is my absolute favorite! It just turned 15 on February 21st.

  4. I can't have milk because I am lactose intolerant. I don't think I am short.

  5. Thinking about sports what do we play as in the fans?
    I do cross country and track

  6. She would be like the main character from full metal alchemists forgot his name

  7. Interesting fact, people are naturally lactose intolerant. It wasn't until a genetic mutation that occurred in, I believe France, that more and more people started to become lactose tolerant. That means that it wasn't that they lacked the knowledge of what nutrients were needed to grow taller, but that they literally couldn't get those nutrients the same way most people do now, which is why people tend to be taller today than back then.

  8. americans took rugby, added padding and the ability to throw it forward and called it american football

  9. Can we have an England legendary Pokemon that is just a rain cloud?

  10. i have a ? how do you log off that game and if you do log off you lose exp points

  11. Nah i never drink milk and yet im like 176 cm

  12. I wish i could download a video for free legally

  13. The animal that could eat stars was the cosmic bug

  14. It was a kids TV show with a bald child with a yellow shirt and red shorts

  15. Jerome! I just realized that we are kinda similar: we both love gaming, we are both from NJ, and we are both very early March, I’m the 1st! Anyway, I hope you are doing good during the pandemic and have a great week, Your fan, Trevor.

  16. Me doesn’t know who dropsy is so I look up her YouTube account ummmmmmmmm

  17. another word for the Dino in the game is pheranadon

  18. I have no idea how they do this stuff the highest I’ve every made was mad bay and I rage quite because I died

  19. Milk does not affect height I think. I NEVER drank milk growing up and I am a 6ft woman. I did eat WAY too much meat tho.

  20. From New Jersey pokemon would be odish because of blueberries

  21. Steve: I got my first computer when I had my own job. Me: I got one and I'm 10

  22. It takes me 2 hours to get to the grim reaper and then I just die right away

    I am a kid typing this

  23. When you died at the end I raged😂😂😂

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