- 4-Player (RAGE) 2Million+ MAX Lvl | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (RAGE) 2Million+ MAX Lvl | JeromeASF

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  1. Speaking of phones I'm watching on one😁📱

  2. Stop saying stuff about Australia I don't like it because I'm in Australia

  3. Milk is good for you next day Steve dies from milk overdose

  4. English soccer is football you guys are weird

  5. 7:26 Jerome you DO know that the majority of people are lactose intolerant…

  6. New Jersey would be something to do with farmers or farming

  7. im a freshman in highschool im 15 and im 6 foot 8

  8. You should play Human Fall Flat and go back and play some Ultimate Chicken Horse

  9. I did little league baseball for like a year but I was the Benchwarmer and so I stopped playing. But people say I have the build to play football because I am 6’5”

  10. Why does Jerome never go for the mummy when it's right underneath the big pyramid

  11. Wait can he choose what he starts with because i saw a scroll wheel so he can choose what he starts with

  12. dropsy should sing more in vids shes really good

  13. the legendary pokemon for kansas would definitely just be a giant loaf of bread

  14. Ohio is a place of mass destruction and only has 2 seasons
    Windy and destruction

  15. I love the conversation they have it’s so funny and interesting

  16. Jerome:everything in Australia is dangerous
    My head:crocodile Bundy

  17. I don’t like milk
    And milk is not good for you btw.

  18. In highschool I did my first dunk in 8th grade

  19. In The dinosariosaur area is a sprider boss😅

  20. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️😅

  21. the cosmic insect use to be able to eat stars

  22. Steve is correct. I don’t recall what could eat stars but I know that there was something that could eat stars

  23. i played raid shadow legends and have this video in the backround

  24. I need an answer to this question, what happens if One Punch Man punches himself?

  25. Wisconsin’s would just be a giant cheese curd monster

  26. I used to practice Soccer, Baseball, and Football, but I started not to like sports or to put it better: Je n’aime pas faire du sport.

  27. In Ireland we call football soccer because we have Gaelic football

  28. OMG I LOVE that Jerome is referencing all of these older cartoons from when I was a kid!

  29. "the lack of milk will make you shorter" this explains why I'm 4'10 in 8th grade

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