- 5-Player (LVL 9999) OP Grim Reaper - – 5-Player (LVL 9999) OP Grim Reaper

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Today we are playing Fly Or Die

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  1. I have all the magic tree house books and im passing them down too my kids there soo cool it taught me alot but I was also quite an intellectual kid at 2 I was reading a little like enough too begin reading books like middle school books

  2. When they started talking about magic tree house and zoo boomsfu I just think back to being 5

  3. On many occasions I've killed someone in league of legends and said eat my toes

  4. If you look in the description YouTube classifies this game as minecraft

  5. I love how cappy says “turn left at the pineapple under the sea,” and no one noticed

  6. Oh trust me, 1 hour is nothing, you've never seen me grind a roblox jojo game for 11 hours a day for a week just to get the best stand.

  7. When they talk about old stuff I am like huh wtf is this lol

  8. the knight challenge
    the knight
    the prince of darkness
    the druid the bottom route

  9. As a McDonald’s employee the Travis Scott meal is literally a bacon quarter pounder with lettuce and you get a BBQ sauce the extra ice thing isn’t true

  10. I remember all of these old books and shows too

  11. OH MAW GOSH !!!
    My kindergarten teacher read the class the entire magic tree house book series!
    And that's why nap time was even better. ^w^

    Heh heh …… Toes…

  12. did u know im allergic to red dye 40 AND 14?

  13. The Kool-Aid man did not give me PTSD but saying he’s not real in a Mirror just Did

  14. Jerome next name in flight or die should be train go boom

  15. did you know red 40 was an insect from Africa ground up into a powder

  16. “I’m not saying that it’s easier but it’s easier”

    — JeromeASF 2020

  17. Dude the cereal comershals in 1680 Jerome weird saying

  18. Me: falling asleep

    The cool aid man before he busts in the wall OOOOHHHHH YAAAA

    Me:oh…. no O_0

    1 half a second later “CRRRAAAASHHHHH”

  19. It wasn’t Arnold’s cousin that took off her helmet, it was Arnold because his cousin was way more fascinated with space than paying attention to him, so he took off his helmet to I think prove a point and that’s the actual thing. Arnold took off his helmet, not his cousin

  20. Yo it takes Jerome 30 mins to get the dinosaur and takes me 4 hours to get to the dinosaur

  21. Go live on this game u will rage quit, trust me

  22. i was once sitting in a cloud i was going to get water and then i land on a grim reaper

  23. I was just eating cheese and fries when he said tht

  24. i just found out this vid was recorded on my birthday.

  25. Jerome if i ply fly or die the game your playing i hate phonix because they play rude because onlyme canget fire and everyone get jump away and i get angry and i also just like what what

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