- 5-Player (Max Level) Grim REAPER (SPEED RUN) - – 5-Player (Max Level) Grim REAPER (SPEED RUN)

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Today we play fly or die

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  1. When will he realize theirs a spider in the Prehistoric area

  2. Who else looked at when they said

    "Let's start with the random facts, that's what everybody came here for"

    And said yeah you're right

  3. And this is why jerome is my favorite he also loves train to busan

  4. Did anyone notice at the end the reaper emoted the laughing emoji right after he killed jerome?

  5. i don't know if i'm the only one that thought this at the end when he died
    but when i looked away for a senond then looked back i thought somebody had a sonic skin

  6. Jerome: It's a post apocalyptic world 2022…

    Me: Hold on a second. That's next year! 😱

  7. If you reorganise that top guys letters in his name it’s comes out as I am a d*ck, and he definitely is

  8. Jerome did u know that RuneScape is now on mobile

  9. The swamp monster performs best in the swamp because the food the swamp monster eats are frogs, woodpeckers, and dead fish. Also, if u go in the swamp water as a swamp monster you move normally in the swamp water but other people are slow in the water if u aren't a swamp monster.

  10. The guy who killed jerome at the end I killed him 2hrs ago

  11. 55:44 That was actually me who killed you
    I didn't know, that that was you 😭

    Don't be sad, I liked this video.😇

  12. just so you know there is a second spider in the taridactle zone

  13. cappy b: i hate this game but its fun

    Pretend blade: I hate this game because its fun

  14. If there was a zombie apocalypse and the zombies were the zombies for the train to busan i would shoot my self

  15. How does Jerome do so well in this game, I always die

  16. Steve – “I was ready to take the bullet for you.”
    Steve 5 seconds later – “I’m tired of dying.”

  17. Petition to have Jerome start protecting his friends and kill who camping them

  18. I want jerome to actually kill people at least as the reapers. Like maybe so he can get multiple reapers to kill the big guy. Him just getting the the thing after the ghost he just gets to be reaper instantly. No like difficulty of killing

  19. 55:00 Pterodactyl Elytra, Stegosaurus Mace, Ankylosaurus Club, Velociraptor Dagger, Tyrannosaur Longsword, Pachycephhlosaurus Hammer

  20. I dressed up as a clown to go watch scary movies you would not believe the amount of children who are happy to see you. But the adults are terrified alot of the times. 2016 was a good year

  21. Why is 8 foot 3 giant here but no dopsy

  22. I'm watchin dis cuz I'm bored,I'm bored,I'm bored,im bored

  23. There's a giant spider in the jungle underground.

  24. Did anyone see the jeromeASF nose in the water

  25. Jerome: *still goes for mummy*
    Me:there are 2 other bosses

  26. Jerome, I used to be pretty serious on Star Wars Gmod roleplay severs. They are actually super fun, I think you would have fun trying it out one time.

  27. No one gonna talk about how jerome burned stead alive and stead and nobody else cared at all

  28. @JeromeAce I just thought of this name for fly or die PotaTOES

  29. This is a tip for anyone who struggles on snowy owl, one way that helps me to get through it is to go in the tunnel by the castle to the left of the swamp and go to the very bottom tunnel to eat the hamsters

  30. I don't want to specify, but this is not a speed run with 57 minutes. I only need 20-30 minutes, or less. but probably because I play with keyboard and not with mouse + I have a higher level

  31. lmao when jerome got cosmic bat i was thinking "i bet a reapers gunna kill him"

  32. The red eyed rats are in a secret laboratory under the map

  33. I have no boosts and the highest I’ve gotten in the owl

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