- 5-Player (Max Level) Grim REAPER (SPEED RUN) - – 5-Player (Max Level) Grim REAPER (SPEED RUN)

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Today we play fly or die

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  1. Did you not notice that the swamp monster can eat the devilish imp?

  2. Fly or die isn’t the same without Matt

  3. there is a type of eagle that kills i think they also eat emus which is a big bird

  4. jerome do you know there is a map the button on the bottom

  5. Cap: why are the snowy owls so fat!!!!!!

  6. From knowing that Jerome always has toe in his name when I do play this game I know the Jeromeasf are fakes.

  7. Wait there was aliens of march of last year

  8. Feel the same way stead. Anytime a clown appears hands are being thrown

  9. I was in middle school for the clown year. The high school which was about 500 ft away from us had a clown based bomb threat and a clown was seen running into the woods

  10. I’m with stead on the clown thing, can’t trust them 👏🏻

  11. Drone talking about how those mad bats are jerks him two seconds later eating a snowy owl as a mad bat

  12. I have a name for u.

    BaTOEven, or even zooTOEpia.

  13. Random thing about the clowns if 2016
    Has nothing to do with the video

    So during the clown thing of 2016 I was almost kidnapped

  14. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    25:46 T E X A S I N T E N S I F I E S

  15. He's played this game so much yet still doesn't know about the spider in the jungle cave

  16. I almost wish that Jerome was more aggressive in these vids.

  17. When are you going to play age of empires 3 again?

  18. Anyone else see how the imp sort of looks like Gengar

  19. You would think that a Fenix would die in water since it is made out of fire

  20. his next names should be TOEtally not Jerome

  21. I just realized that the fruit that the baby Pterodactyl eats is a star fruit.

  22. Jerome needs to learn to be toxic,its holding him back

  23. Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum gone?!
    Me: Why is Matt gone?!
    no but seriously where is matt I miss him

  24. you guys should do a podcast it would be amazing

  25. “Some jag ate all the RATS!”, Captain Blastem-2021

  26. i am imagining that people are in front of supermarket and they are protesting, FISH IS MEAT TOO

  27. The pure terror on Jeromes face when Cappy B said “let me list them” 😹

  28. Nobody:
    Walking around a grocery store turn the corner and suddenly falls of the floor "dang it I can't stand those darn vegetables"

  29. who remembers what the maroon bird used to be called it was like the pompidor kotinga something likes that or something like how your pronounce it i dont remember

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