- 5-Player (MAX LVL) Grim REAPER (Over Powered) - – 5-Player (MAX LVL) Grim REAPER (Over Powered)

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Today we are playing Fly Or Die

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  1. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    51:00 Okay, so domestic cats are pound-for-pound the most efficient hunters on the planet, their ribs can expand to make a parachute(which gives them a non-lethal terminal velocity, i.e. they will only be severely wounded from any fall, not immediately killed), they can withraw their shoulders behind their skull to fit through any gap their head can fit through, AND SOME GUY IN FLORIDA ACCIDENTALLY GAVE THEM THUMBS.

    Humans are screwed as soon as they organize.

  2. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    52:06 Oh, hey, I've seen that kurzgesagt video.

  3. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    1:02:42 Okay, Jerry, I know you say you don't eat a lot of anime, but one of your steam friends is apparently named "Omei wa mou shindeiru"

  4. A squirrel can fall from any hight and live.

  5. No armadillos are bullet resistant they can stop any caliber below 44 magnum

  6. Jerome just to let you know that this is last black ops and all the actors for the characters said thier goodbyes

  7. no cappy is wrong cappy is wrong so the cat locks it’s head on where it lands then it turns it’s body to make it’s toes lock onto the area of the ground then they prepare for the landing and boom they are done and squirrels do the exact same thing

  8. I would just like to say I have about 15 pocket watches and I indeed use them. lol

  9. jerome if you hide in clouds predators can't attack you

  10. they said Devon I immediately thought "Dudley?"

  11. im going through shorts i accidently double pressed while on mobile and liked becuase i dont like videos sorry…

  12. I’m gonna hope the cursed content is the fact they changed the name

  13. Cats also do 2 other critical things to survive there fall, they lock onto where there going to land and they use there tails to turn there body's so that they land on there feet

  14. Does anyone else get the feeling that every time a YouTuber says a fact, I've known it for 5 years, and I'm 12?

  15. Did you know even the grim reaper can't kill the hornet?

    Idk if this is true it'd just be really funny

  16. Actually the fruit orange was named before the color orange

  17. i love the "this video contains cursed content" warning lol

  18. Idk about anyone else but I have not been able to git into call of duty since call of duty black ops 2

  19. Absolute truth I’m currently in school and every class I smash my head against the table 10 times on the dot and I always have the lowest score on all my tests out of my class

  20. I wonder when will Jerome actually beat the game. Not getting the grim reaper, but beating the final boss.

  21. Jerome pls pick this name in a video toe knee stonks

  22. I feel like Activision should take more of a rockstar view point on game design (which I know said they are) were instead of two to one game every year they should put out one game every three to four years and release a few dlc’s for there older game while they work on the new one they clearly have the ability to do that since they can do did make a game every year for a bit rockstar does it (not that recently but still) they release dlc after dlc to gta 5 while they were working on rdr2

  23. It’s dwarf star black hole or yellow hyper giant


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