All Evolutions - Birds in Real Life - All Evolutions – Birds in Real Life

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  1. Where are the Swamp Monster, Stone Eater, Egg Eater, Demonic Bat, Demonic Imp, Dragon and Phoenix?

  2. nose ingles pero juge el juego y cada ves que lo juego me matan cuando soy petrodactilo

  3. The ghost is so dumb

    Comment if you agree

  4. Wow the second ghost is just a blanket with some marker eyes

  5. Amazing vid i think the real life is cute but others in real life is not cute

  6. I can’t beat it because so many people hate me

  7. Bruhhhhhhhhh really John this hole dif game xD

  8. Quien mas viendo esto en 2021 xd me sorprendí

  9. 5:05 the image looks way more ugly than the thing in the game.

  10. What the Bitch, he forgot swamp monster and demonic blabs

  11. Why do they eat Stars when they're a cosmic bat

  12. Somebody in your group, TITO killed me as a REAPER.
    2 hours of lost progress

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