All Evolutions Birds in Real Life - All Evolutions Birds in Real Life

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  1. I have a few tips. (Warning Long Text)

    As a fly farm poop. As a butterfly land on the flowers. As a mosquito go for cats. As wasp farm cherries. As a dragonfly go to the right border (this way —>) to the end rock and farm the ladybugs. So once you become pigeon go to the zombie cave until stork. As stork farm frogs at the swamp area then go back to the zombie cave once a red bird to the zombie cave. It is unlikely anyone will come and kill you in the zombie cave. Once a Pelican be aware of your surroundings and only eat the fish near the surface and be ready to run. Turkey I suggest eating snakes. As bat just stay underground and eat. Then level up by eating lots of cherries and bread as a black bird. As a hornet ignore cherries and attack players that are drinking water or have low hp. As vulture go to the desert and farm. As owl you have two options, farm mice and other resources, or hunt players. Both are effective, you can do a combination of both too. As Pompadour Cotinga just eat cherries and attack vulnerable animals. As falcon just hunt. As eagle do the same as falcon. As hawk do the same as eagle. Once you become Raven focus on dead fish and snakes. As mad bat do the same as hawk but try and hunt people underground. As pterodactyl child farm what you can eat. As pterodactyl do same as mad bat but use your size to your advantage. As cosmic bug farm stars. As cosmic big eye eat cosmic fruit and stars but ignore cherries and jungle fruit. As cosmic bat farm cosmic eyes. As ghost eat the zombie. As ghostly reaper do the same as mad bat. As a pumpkin farm jack-o'-lanterns. As a pumpkin ghost do the same as ghostly reaper. When you become grim reaper do as you please.

  2. Lol cosmic bat is a lemon and overfeeded bat is a dragon fruit

  3. Tifo what's Name That Music

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  6. lemo kill all player biggest Evolution

  7. Lol my best is Ghosty Reaper 198k but then I had to go eat 😛

  8. When I was at ghosty reaper they added seagull

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