All New Evolutions Pterodactyl, T-rex EPIC KILLS - All New Evolutions Pterodactyl, T-rex EPIC KILLS

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  1. Вот ранше крутой флай дай іо

  2. крутой Данияр Майкравтер says:

    Отписка ты меня убил у меня был ник огого

  3. Eyyyyyyyyyy I was in video.I am gg.And Tifo you kill me

  4. I FUCKING HATE FLYORDIE.IO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER FUCKING LIVE MY DREAMS!!!!!!!!!! I WAS A FUCKING VBLUE BIRD AND ALMOST A PARROT AND I GOT FUCKING KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN I WAS A DRAGONFLy11!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK U FLYORDIE.IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN MY GAME FUCKING CRASHED AND SET MY WAY BACK TO A FLy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK U FLYORDIE.IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tifo i was in flyordie .io.i am a tifo . i see Tifo he's big me.And im fly .

  6. but im play İm play 10000 day . i love ''New'' animal in


  7. Tifo i like you But im spek engilis and türkiyiş

  8. 🙂 1 day im pro i just love cute Animal

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  13. Me if I see you:I see you
    Me if I lost lost you:I lost you. I do not like that

  14. tifo what's name that music?

  15. Tifo is no on cure he killing nooks after he Is a grim reaper he killed animals who try so hard and tifo just got rid of their hard work especially that eagle in the underground u suck tifo

  16. Was this a cowboy song since its started

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