- Full Animal Evolution - Fly to Cosmic Bat Evolution ( 24/04/2018 Update) - – Full Animal Evolution – Fly to Cosmic Bat Evolution ( 24/04/2018 Update)

Corrupt X
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This is the Full Animal Evolution from Fly to Cosmic Bat, with no lame fantasy evolution of animals that are not even in the game yet. I go through every single animal evolution from Fly to Cosmic bat and show every single animal at some point in the video.


  1. If I remember correctly, ducks aren't pigeons.

  2. Cool game better than which i quit because of auto hat and auto heal script users

  3. Those little voice clips are sweet. "Slam Dunk" – Very well done.

  4. i got bored of this game quickly just because when you die you get like no xp back… "oh you died at 16k xp? have 500"

  5. You should make an intro that says: "Hey what's up guys I see your BACK watching another video from guy who is taking way too long to get to (or past) 40k subscribers."

  6. You lost me at the "You can only eat feces or dead fish" part. :

  7. hey corrupt instead of doing just io games, i think you should play a variety of games (including io!) NOT like some other youtubers thats mind goes fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite. it would be cool if you can do that.

  8. Why he looks pro
    1. He doesn't talk
    2. He puts on EPIC music/ he knows how to edit good
    3. He can survive long
    And 4. He's just flat out good

  9. "Chasing a mosquito through space must be great"
    Well Corrupt, it really is. I did it yesterday!

  10. It look like a childish game for 3-6 years old children (and it is, indeed)

  11. You know, I feel like if you're in the "Astronomical" level you should loose oxygen, unless you're the cosmic animals, don't ya think? Or no?

  12. how many level to this animal
    if try to level MAX not so easy
    need to my levl.Try to keep
    so fast animal :v

  13. am i the only one who thinks that cosmic bat looks like a flying potato with a mouth

  14. I think the mosquito lays on the cats and pigs because it is sucking their blood.

  15. Want to play some sometime? Hit me up in discord and maybe we can play doubles or duo squads. I usually play duo squads and I usually get at least 10 and max 15 kills a game.

  16. could u name all the animals from fly to cosmic bat?

  17. there is a certain cave at the middle right which spawns 3 bread every 30 seconds. absolute overpowered farm

  18. A channel I can trust without clickbat……get it?…….no just me…….ok

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