join the team (GT) - join the team (GT)

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  1. Wow bro I never get bored seeing your videos I can see them always and never get bored.. wow nice 👏 👌

  2. Bonjour 👋 j aimerait rejoindre ta team je suis new joueur ma plate-forme et mobile donc unpeu galère mais sava 😆

  3. enfaite le live je vait le faire demain a 17h et juste pour les anglais je suis en france alors il y a un décalage horaire de je sais pas quoi alors si vous voulez etre a l'heure d'ébrouiller vous

  4. in fact the live I was going to do it tomorrow at 5pm and just for the English I'm in France so there is a time difference of I don't know what so if you want to be on time to scramble yourself

  5. My name is AZERBAİJAN.

  6. Lol i am [XC] death ITS hard using mobile lol

  7. Gautau when you plying on flyordie I wanna play with you pls

  8. Wow he unfriendly you mean that is just sad😭

  9. Salut, je t'ai vu dans le jeu et je t'ai tué lol je ne pensais pas que tu étais un youtuber mais je ne suis pas dans un clan donc maby…..

  10. подозрительная статистика, 35 лайков и 0 дизов… ХМММ…

  11. i have story

    that time i want to boss with my friend, but someone try kill me but i can kill him,my friend angry and kill me,i become ghast and become ghastly reaper but he and the army try to kill me
    me vs 2 ghastly reaper i kill some one and become pumpkin i am run fire of death but he too i am stuck with ghastly reaper i want gonna out,i get idea,use bug teleport and i save

  12. 〖F T L〗I suggest you to be ı am Ξ 〖F T L〗Ξ *TURKEY* I would like to see you among us 🙂

  13. Hi I'm in a video my nick is pokilom

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