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  1. Oi gateau sou a moscinha com o nome de xc Yan mas na verdade sou do level 13 eu fui no celular mesmo porque eu tava com preça

  2. so pro next time i see you i want to be your friend

  3. Wow cool gameplay and all my favourite music u have played

  4. como tes llamas el cease el videos

  5. Eh just kids talking shit nice gameplay btw not that i played 5 hrs and still didnt get more than mad bat

  6. Yo también juego si quieres jugamos ahora

  7. Нуб играть учится нужно бот

  8. Gâteau tu peut me dire c quoi le serveur que tu mes

  9. Episode of Spider-Man HappyDay exhausting friend you have to stay up with them cuz I was most meals on congratulations New buffalo promise

  10. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. ghjl..ffestffffffsssssssssssssss

  12. Cetait moi dans ton live on n'est d'accord tu ma vue je m'appelais The Monster avec le drapeau francais tu voulais me kill

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