Blue Sky
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This is a FLYORDIE.IO AND MOPE.IO Game Play Video… Enjoy
if u Truly support me then use my tag [BS] or [฿$]
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  1. Я Звёздочка Баттерфляй гыг ;.; says:


  2. Nice vidio top! Найс видио топ!

  3. hello $ K ¥ (B $) as always reacting to your videos and giving that like that is not missing I AM GREAT FAN

  4. Hi sky, I would like to know the release times of the videos, is it regular or do they have a random time?

    P.S. I changed my name from El3cTro to [ЖС] El3cTro [BS], lv. 16, if u see me, maybe we can play together

  5. Hey bs if u wanna Run away from dino monst and if are knocked into air hlod Space u ll fly more away

  6. Hello,I'm the one who has a name Tyd in fly or die who played with you today .I enjoyed alot playing with you .thanks slot for saving me .
    I hope that you knew me or I didn't play with a wrong one😅

  7. Use code:SkyBS in the FlyOrDie 🙂 i love you sky cyaaaa :33

  8. 10:12 U dont know how to use yeti?
    First,turn into snowball,then spin behind
    I am new fan <333

  9. Sky i know you work hard in that vid right?😰

  10. While I’m in mope watching stalking you if your the real BS because you don’t usually farm this way

  11. what are better, mope. io or flyordie. io?
    Me find mope. io

  12. Олександр Самойленко says:

    I am your fan;)

  13. Hey bs why did you upload a vid then take it down? U know the one u finished by letting a bd kill u in arena as dino

  14. Mope io 3,5 ball и flayordie 5 ball го играть мы фанаты

  15. Мы любим тебя блю скай

  16. • M̷r̷s̷.̷N̷o̷t̷h̷i̷n̷g̷ • says:

    Hello! I play and mope and flordie!! I love youuuu!!!

  17. Hey Sky, im a big fan.
    Wich of that two games is your favourite?

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