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  1. l love you gateau benim fly ör dıe deki ismim xc tuniş☺️

  2. I am making a clan with my initials for the letters of the clan. My initials are TRK. If you have the letters for my clan, you will never die and we won't do reaper battles. Ever. But you will have to be with JaySay and his clan members. Meet me on the 3rd North American server tomorrow at 7:00 AM for Americans or 1:00 PM for Europeans.

  3. Gateau es- ce que tu peut me preté ton compte car le mien et que lvl 9 stp

  4. hey i know you in the game we are good friends in the game

  5. Je n'ai pas trouvé votre autre chaîne, pouvez-vous mettre le lien dans la description ?

  6. 🙃 me no play for ewoword io bye guys my p.c rip🗿👨🏻‍💻

  7. Hi its me your in – game friend Astral on smoke

  8. хахахахах как ботов разнес вас

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