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Valorant Mundi
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Welcome to Valorant Mundi. Here you will find the best plays and moments from VALORANT Esports free-of-spoiler.
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FNATIC: Boaster,Derke,Alfajer,Leo,Chronicle,kamyk,ini,slk,Anderzz
LOUD: aspas,Less,saadhak,cauanzin,tuyz,fRoD,stk

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Song title: VISIONS
Artists: eaJ & Safari Riot
Courtesy of Riot Games:

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  1. SPOILER BLOCK – Upvote or won't workChannel got demonetized this week so I need your help: patreon.com/ValorantMundi /// PIX valorantmundi@gmail.com . I'm working on my appeal, so I hope this will be only temporary, thank you! ❤

  2. Loud really saving start from lock in brazil for this match vs fnc😂

  3. Partida equilibrada. Uma hora a loud batia, outra a fnatic apanhava

  4. I'm seeing a pattern here, u seem to always put the loosing team's players pic in the thumbnail. am i right mundi? and also what does mundi mean? in hindi it means "neck" 😂

  5. FNC and EG lowers please. That would be spicy

  6. Worst performance I've ever seen from this fnatic team but at least they did it in the upper. No doubt they will still easily win that trophy from lower if they actually wake up and start to play to their standard

  7. The script going to plan.. Waiting for PRX and FNC in finals..

  8. Wait it’s a script, loud beats fnc, prx beats loud prx fnc finals

  9. Val Mundi – when will channel memberships be back up?? I want the ascendant logo again 🙁 And I only want to support your channel 🙂


  11. In my language, mundi means the area between the vagina and anus

  12. Fnc had bad day they will still going to win champ

  13. the last round from fnc looks like : okey im done kill me

  14. wtf botster is smoking. he played like iron lmao. i knew last year he got carried. he got exposed 😂

  15. 8:09 It wasnt friendly fire, jett op collat'd him so he used ulti to execute and sova ultis him to reset his hp back to 100. 5Head gameplay

  16. Derke highkey trolled at 7:08, could’ve just played 4 v 4 instead of greeding for a kill

  17. I almost bet 3 months worth of my salary to fnatic. I'm glad i didnt continue! 😅😅

  18. What is the name of the song when they start?

  19. its a good loss, fnc was so good that val became boring and now it is interesting, this is great rivarly story too

  20. Lol boaster came in dancing. Lost. Left walking.

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