Gaetz and Boebert Heckled at Trump Trial as Court Becomes New MAGA Hotspot: A Closer Look -

Gaetz and Boebert Heckled at Trump Trial as Court Becomes New MAGA Hotspot: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert getting heckled outside the Manhattan criminal courthouse where they appeared along with several other MAGA weirdos in support of Trump.

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Gaetz and Boebert Heckled at Trump Trial as Court Becomes New MAGA Hotspot: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. Seth, you are amazing! The deep comic performance of the characters with their special mentality is unique.

  2. If the defendant doesn't know what the crime is, it's because he's too stupid to comprehend it, or he's lying about it. But I think it's both. Same with her.

  3. Boebert's priming her media real estate to hit Only Fans like a bomb when she loses her seat.

  4. Such acting! How did Hollywood not come calling?


  6. The traitorous enablers, aiding and abetting when they were supposed to be somewhere else Duh, They could do the perp walk with him.

  7. How much for son Jack’s burner phone (s)?

  8. Seth..u and Jimmy should go!!😅😅😅

  9. 7:54 They're not there to support Trump . The're there to wh0re themselves out in the hope of being Vice President .Noone gives a crap about Trump except that they can lap the crumbs off hisa table and hope he dies mid term so they can step up from Vice emperor to emperor …oops I meant President . Please wake up America and Vote .

  10. I'm looking forward to the MAGA CULT leaders finally realizing that Trump is actually ELECTION POISON. It's going to be HILARIOUS to watch all of the MAGA CULT leaders trying to distance themselves from Trump at the same time. 😂😂

  11. They’re creepy and they’re kooky,mysterious and yucky.Gates and Boebert.

  12. I think Seth and Chris Collinsworth somehow must be cousins.

  13. Ask Lauren Bobert, how can the defendant know the crime when he sleeps through the trial like a baby?😂😂😂

  14. They should be charged for violating the gag order.

  15. Love the Bernie impresion spot on and the telenovela was awesome.

  16. Again, it's not a "hush money" or "pornstar" trial. Neither of those are illegal.
    It's a falsification of business records trial. That, is the crime here.

  17. Wonder if the house could pass some bills while all the maga are taking the day off❓

  18. In my opinion. Doesn’t know what the charges are❓His lawyer is right there to ask. If trump does go to prison when other inmates ask him what’s he in for trump will have to shrug and say he doesn’t know. Does America 🇺🇸 really want a President who can’t figure out what the charges are against him❗️

  19. The good liars were trying to get her to sign beetle juice when she was there

  20. We still are not getting this: those guys HAVE NO SHAME!

  21. 45 "…every legal scholar that I've been able to read…" sooo – none, right? Zero "legal scholars."

  22. People like Johnson are the scariest kind of people. They aren't real. They have brainwashed themselves with dogma. Even an invisible, white, omnipotent, sky man would shudder at his socially constructed beliefs.

  23. M.J. is creepy trying to catch a teenage boy playing with himself, for sex education his son was probably taught one type by his daddies priest friends.

  24. Hope america maintains democracy as it was created way back as an example to the rest of the free choosing leaders with high morals , high integrity and block candidates who are proven criminally aligned..

  25. What's going on in this cell group's "brain"?. How can he sleep? I don't envy him let alone worship.

  26. Maga keeps losing Republicans. “Do we have something to do around here other than watch a stupid porn trial? I mean, this is ridiculous.” ~Republican Senator Murkowski

  27. Boebert says, "The defendant doesn't know what crime he has committed." ahahahah

  28. Jack my Johnson porn accountability app?

  29. White Nationalist, Christian cultists like MAGA Mike Johnson, Dementia Don, Groper Boebert, are so weird.
    Then they use god to alleviate their guilt for supporting rapists, racists, and insurrectionists.

  30. gawd the point about 4:05 Republican hypocrisy on "family values" and anti-porn stances is something I barely see anyone saying, and it makes me think I'm taking crazy pills.

  31. "This is finishing up at some point"
    "Oh, has it started?"

  32. Barron was hoping the judge wouldn't allow pop-pop at his graduation, because he's his "accountability partner"

  33. These people openly abetted this person in defying a court order. Do any of them Represent you?

  34. Does US court reserve ppl rep seats at proceedings….?

  35. Imagine being a grown man and having such a low self esteem you feel ok being a public lickspittle and a bootlicker.

  36. His show SHOULD have a bigger wardrobe budget bc he looked much better when he wore a suit every night. He’s the ONLY late night talk show host that doesn’t. Such a shame.

  37. Seth & crew, you make me smile through these tough days! Thank you!

  38. The Democratic Party has its immoral members as well, but much less than are in the Republican Party. I am appalled by Republican "Christian Nationalists" who are NOT Christian and have fooled so many about who they really are, which is corrupt and immoral politicians whose only concern is power. So much of the Republican electorate is uneducated and easily duped by these politicians, because they follow like lemmings, believing the corrupt things they are told by Fox News etc.

  39. Matt Gaetz looks like Frankenstein's monster

  40. "Accountability Partner"? God, I feel sorry for that man's poor cat

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