Google's Nexus 5 Android Smartphone | Fly or Die -

Google’s Nexus 5 Android Smartphone | Fly or Die

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Google’s newest flagship phone comes via handset maker LG. As with most Android devices, the newer ones carry the updated operating system, KitKat. With so many competing Android flagships, will this newest Nexus device stand out? For more episodes of Fly or Die, click here:

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  1. They got rid of the girl and this segment has markedly improved.  Now if only they could get rid of the pudgy guy.

  2. Motorola has never made a Nexus device. It would be nice if the guy playing devil's advocate knew basic information on the topic being discussed.

  3. Fire John Biggs, that guy's incompetent as hell.

  4. If it was 350$ I would straight go buy it but sadly it's 700$ here in india but I will get it for sure!

  5. You can tell that the other guy is blocking any form of reason by giving it a die, I suspect he has to be a die(pun intended) hard apple fan

  6. This guy doesnt even know what the hell he is talking about…

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