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(gothic) Fly Or Die

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All music and lyrics created by Runae Moon Copyright protected. © 2011 gothic music

“Fly Or Die”

Just like a hawk, who spreads, her wings.
I envy her, gonna fly, be free.
Leave my past behind. Start fresh. Start new.
Hate to be alone, say you’ll, come to.

Running out of time! (hurry)
I’m loosing my mind! (lost)

If you don’t learn how to fly…
Then surely you’ll Die.
Spread your wings take a chance,
In life’s cruel dance.

Hey don’t you know, You have, control.
Take a deep breath. Ready, let’s roll.
Now live your life. Be brave, be strong.
And to the weak…this is your song.

…..Instrumental Break…..

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  1. @godslayerbrian
    Right on thanks man I appreciate that! m/

  2. @desireundead
    awww hey girl!! Thank u sooo much that means a lot to me D *hugs* :)))

  3. @SteamGamer1999
    LMFAO!!! omg fuckinnnn funny! My friend says I look like her to hahaha! 🙂

  4. I really like the lyrics of the song, you are so talented! Those were some cute pictures of you. Nice area to do a video. I hope you are doing well!

  5. Incredible, I dare to say that I'm a fan of yours.

  6. omg girl i sooo love this song my button is stuck on the replay button and i love the lyrics to LOVE IT !!! lots of love L xxxx

  7. @jblackmd1
    aaww wow thanks a lot I appreciate that! hehe ;)))

  8. @guitarefaby
    Hi sweetheart thank u so much! (big hugs)

  9. @jackledger1
    Wow right on thank u very much! woohoo!!! *hugs* 🙂

  10. @justwant2bhappy
    Thank u my beautiful friend I appreciate ur kind words always 🙂 It really is a pretty place here…thats red rocks and a near by lake I visit to get away from it all lol 🙂 Colorado is a beautiful place.
    Lots of love to u! 🙂

  11. Heya chicky, finally able to make it to your studio…ok let me watch this cuz it sounds 2 cool.
    Hell ya man….Awsomely adorable video, love the European feel u gave this one. Its more upbeat and totally different from anything u have done thus far. Dude I thought that wind was gonna blow ya off that cliff I was closing my eyes during that part or ur video…That shit was whipping. Ur sooo talented, I have some pictures like the ones u took by the river, only urs look cooler. luv ya g.f

  12. @Teyethegreat
    Hey man right on thank u so much!! *hugs* Its always great to see u! You ROCK!! m/

  13. alrght! ! crazy sexy cool..as usual! collaboration soon!!!!

  14. @80dKeys
    Right on!! Hell yaaa thank u so much! 🙂

  15. @gothlover4u
    aww I love u too! Thank u *hugs*

  16. @MrHarrypalms1
    woohooo yeah! Thank u so very much!!!

  17. OK OK OK one more time, you dued, amazing, really, nice, smuack, kisses for you, see you.

  18. @YADERMmaxtermsteel
    aawwww thank u sooo much!!! *kisses*

  19. @1fatherbigley
    Hiya Will *hugs* Thank u very much my sweet friend!! :)))

  20. All I have to say is keep 'em coming. Always enjoyable.

  21. @DeadlyCreatures
    Hey there!!! 🙂 Thank u soooo much! I appreciate that!

  22. Great new song and video Runae! Always wonderful and entertaining! 🙂

  23. Since 2006, when I opened my first channel you never ceased to amaze me.
    I’ve been In & Out, YouTube many times since then. Oh. Well….
    To the day… you are one of my best, blast from the past, friends.
    H & K from the Sunshine State

    Phoenix ( AKA- AHS3X7 )

  24. @CrashAndBurnagain
    Aww thank u TJ I really appreciate that!!! :)))

  25. @KarenEng
    aww hey there Karen thank u so very much same goes for u too!!! YOUR AWESOME! xoxo

  26. @TheMastersdesire
    I love you Master…… xoxo

  27. @grumpybear1106
    Right on thank u so much!! :)))

  28. Wow! Wow! Wow! And did I mention WOW!!!!! Runae this is your best effort to date. Well performed and produced. The backing tracks are fantastic. Your voice excellent as alaways. You've got to be one of the hardest working young artists here. Keep up the great work girl!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!

  29. the video is more dynamic than usual. Great!!! You really have a powerful voice. I hope you could find some time for that song* poem I showed you . Keep the good work!

  30. @TheLostArtOfWar1
    Right on thanks so much!! :))

  31. @CrashAndBurnagain
    thats when u just say screw it and eat a bag of gummie bears and drink mountain dew… :)))

  32. Dearest Runae.We Love this Original & We Know that our Joe would have Loved it Too. He is Now in Heaven rockin with Janis Joplin. Love & Hugs, grandmafottz & Lynnie.XXXOOO

  33. @tps607
    Thank u so much I most definately appreciate that! (hugs) :))

  34. @grandmafottz
    What? OMG Grandmafottz…I had no idea, I am so sorry this is very sad news. Its a huge comfort tho to know he is in Heaven "home". with all the greats! I love u Grandmafottz and Lynnie. And Joe to always. (hugs to u all)

  35. @MrNaturalMan
    aww lol thank u and yes in deed I have tried out I sent in a vid…never heard anything back so just figured it was a no go…thats ok I will do it some how 🙂 Just keep makin music and puttin myself out there! :)))

    aww right on thanks a bunch!!! :)))

  37. @Jenns58
    …and so are u my dear 🙂 lmao now get the heck off my channel HATERS are NOT welcome anywhere near me! I have no time for mean people such as urself. and yet I still wish u a lovely rest of the day anyways just to show I have zero hard feelings towrd u ya lol

  38. Mmm.. Ya sorry So much! :S I had only heard the beginning .. so not so bad as i thought

  39. @Jenns58
    aww hey girl I appreciate u saying that. I am also sorry I was a bit rude back to u 🙂 Your cool in my book now 🙂
    Have a wonderful day okay? ROCK ON! 🙂

  40. @RunaeMoon Thank You so Much! Youu too! 🙂 c:

  41. @BLASPHEMY85
    Hi there 🙂 Great to see u <3 Thanks a bunch m/ (^_^) m/

  42. I LOVE YOU AR RUNAE. LOVE & HGS,grandmafottz.xxxoo

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