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(gothic) Fly Or Die

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All music and lyrics created by Runae Moon Copyright protected. © 2011 gothic music

“Fly Or Die”

Just like a hawk, who spreads, her wings.
I envy her, gonna fly, be free.
Leave my past behind. Start fresh. Start new.
Hate to be alone, say you’ll, come to.

Running out of time! (hurry)
I’m loosing my mind! (lost)

If you don’t learn how to fly…
Then surely you’ll Die.
Spread your wings take a chance,
In life’s cruel dance.

Hey don’t you know, You have, control.
Take a deep breath. Ready, let’s roll.
Now live your life. Be brave, be strong.
And to the weak…this is your song.

…..Instrumental Break…..

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  1. HI DEAR RUNAE, THIS is one of my favorites!!!! I LOVE IT!!! LOVE & HUGS, grandmafottzXXXOOO

  2. @AerisSirrus
    Hey you!! *hugs* great to see ya! Thank u sooo much! Yep this is at red rocks about 10 minutes from where I live 🙂 My daughter helps me with the pics and video footage…she is 16 🙂
    Rock on! <3

  3. @skeletone111
    Right on thank u so much!!! :)))

  4. you put up very nice videos as well as your singing, Runae!

    Joshua (RoboGamer2200)

  5. Great song and I so enjoyed seeing you out and about!!! Great scenery.

  6. I don't know where you live but what a beautiful view. almost as beautiful as your voice 🙂 Awesome video

  7. @tattooskin72
    Thank u!!! 🙂 ya that spot is seriously only ten minutes from where I live 🙂 lol It's called Red Rocks!

  8. @WWEMotors
    Josh!!!!!!!!!! (HUGS) great to see u man! Thank u so very much! <3

  9. @ragingbull124
    aww thank u so much! That's a place called Red Rocks ten minutes up the road from where i stay 🙂
    They hold a lot of concerts up here…maybe one day I can sing there hehe ;)))

  10. Another great song, but it's not my favorite RunaeMoon – (I think that is "Can't Control Me")

    Was that some sort of reed instrument like a clarinet? Sounds like there is a bit of distortion and clipping in its sound, was that on purpose? Why not sawtooth?

  11. Love the views from red rock park, makes me really miss the mountains, and makes me sick of these piney woods I'm stuck in now. LOL

  12. @squirrel300zx
    Thank u! Oh man ya i bet cuz I would miss it here to if I ever left. *hugs* 🙂

  13. @xxAkasharosexx
    Right on thank u soooo much!! :))) *hugs*

  14. @RasAlGhul4000
    woohooo yay thank u very much!!! :))))

  15. @MrsCatification
    Thank u my beautiful friend! ((HUGS))

  16. @hdlabrecordings
    woohooo thank u so much!! m/ (~_~) m/

  17. @ReaperWithFangs
    Hey Reap, thanks man I really appreciate that! :))))
    xoxo m/

  18. @zarkoff45
    haha right on thanks man. Ya it actually was a wood instrument but I distored it with an effect that makes it sound like a guitar lol hey whats saw tooth? imma google it lol :)) Thanks again man! Rock on and oh ya I love Can't control me too it came out cool I gotta say 🙂 U should hear it in my car O..M..G! POUNDS! lol 😉

  19. @CruznVette
    woohooo yeah man thank u sooo much! I love u too!!!!!!! haha we always say that don't we haha *hugs*

  20. One of my FAV and best subscriptions EVER on youtube…FACT! <3 ya heaps ,,/ and good to see the fight back in your eyes.

  21. @stonehopper1067
    Thank u and yes it will be!!! :)) xoxo

  22. @dubguy123
    Thank u so much I appreciate that! :)))

  23. @ThePigFacedDog
    aww hey man right on thank u so much! means a lot to me! :))) m/ (~_~) m/

  24. @RunaeMoon

    sawtooth is a wave form, it looks like a saw tooth if you saw the wave, there are sin waves, square waves and sawtooth wave forms. Sawtooth should be on your list of midi instruments. Try mixing it with just a touch of distortion guitar to get a kind of black metal sound.

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