Gray Zone Warfare Ultimate Beginners Guide, Tips & Tricks! -

Gray Zone Warfare Ultimate Beginners Guide, Tips & Tricks!

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Interested in learning about Gray Zone Warfare? Check out this ultimate beginner’s guide, complete with tips and tricks to help you navigate this awesome but more hardcore game!

00:00 Gray Zone Warfare Guide
00:30 What You Can Expect
00:36 PvEvP
01:01 Tactical FPS
01:24 Choosing Faction
01:58 Extraction Shooter
02:28 Death & Tips To save Loot
03:54 The Basics & Guide
06:09 Calling Helicopters & LZ
06:49 Movement & Weapon Tips
08:04 Weapon Attachments
08:54 Tasks & Quests
09:47 Little Bird Down Task
10:13 Cache Retrieval Task
10:39 Quest Items Tip

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  1. Step 1: Turn on FSR and Tinker with its extra options.

    Step 2: Watch FPS go up by 20-30.

    Step 3: You're welcome.

  2. Idk if it’s been fixed, but I bought the game about 2 hours ago and have been able to get into matches in under a minute with no queues.
    There was one mass disconnect where everyone got booted and I had to rejoin but other than that, no issues. I’m getting 80-100 fps on average with some stuttering when moving to an area I haven’t been before (could be shaders loading in for the first time)
    4070Ti / i7 13700k

  3. Super lagy but i love it this has so much potential 🤩🤩

  4. Can your pve gear carry over to pvp if you decide to change?

  5. "Check for survivors, inspect the dead bodies; mission accomplished" Perfection. =]

  6. 1:35 please tell me how I can report them because there's no report option when I being killed multiple times outside of our home base

  7. Lol it's so odd hearing all these tips as a Tarky 'survivor' with over 4.5k hours in tarkov. But definitely a good video for those just getting into the extraction shooter style games

  8. What I need is a new 4090TI to play this game 😀

  9. Can we change key binds? Haven’t had a chance to jump on yet

  10. Does your faction you choose effect your starting gear

  11. I wish there was more voice acting and night vision modes and day night cycle with weathered settings other wise it's a solid 8/10 for a game in early access

  12. “Game glitch so give bad review”😭 it’s the first day

  13. ooohh, the chickens come to roost. Hackers and cheaters galore.

  14. Another important note is that if you team kill too much, you will actually get swapped to a different faction.

  15. w for voip is so dumb for azerty people, you cant talk unless you are goin forward and thats mad

  16. Can we compare this with COD Dmz? If so. I am buying this

  17. Honestly was coming to see if this was a tarkov remake or something on the lines of that. Once i saw the pouch i knew it was tarkov but on steam

  18. what hardware do i need for it to run better. I currently have a 3060 gc, ryzen 5 5600.

  19. For everyone having issues with performance- in your graphics settings, set it to FRS and not DLSS or anything else. Set frame generation to ON as well and set it to quality.

    This is the advice that comes straight from the developers of the game. An update will come out shortly for nvidia to update the drivers and it should fix most issues.

  20. God I find it hilarious I was just watching your weapon guides in MHR and MHW and now I'm watching a GZW tips and tricks video, your variety is awesome! Cheers for another great video sir 😎

  21. was waiting for heli extract and terammate ran up to me and shot me in my face. so i just left. such a stupid system

  22. They need to remove the headache in this game, 3 mins into the game a fucking headache wtf

  23. why are the mags locked on the akm that i pick up from ai players? i want ‘scav’ load outs but i can’t reload the guns that i pick up from sleeping ai

  24. damn it’s reminding me of mag. such a shame that game didn’t get traction. stupid cod ruined fps

  25. I have a weird question: Can i rebind everything, including menu keybinds, so that my lefty brain can play it?

  26. How do I stop my character coughing, so annoying haha

  27. Beginner tip. Play the game on a PC you can actually run it on. I did not take that tip.

  28. Is it possible to repair an item? Or you throw it away

  29. Oh man gotta left control click to auto loot things! Double click things to auto open them right click and select is so slow

  30. I learned by my first 3 deaths that blue dots are always dangerous
    A large majority of my deaths are by fellow faction members

  31. Gray warzone? Lol. Bit of an oops at the end there eh?

  32. It's a walking simulator with guns and terribly bad AI..

  33. If this was pve it would have been great. But pvp is meh. Too many cheaters on games like this or ahole players.

  34. I’m sure there’s a computer game exactly like this 🤔

  35. The launch is rough the say the least but if it worked it is fun

  36. Everyone with a shit PC is punching the air lol

  37. Great explanation of the game. Much appreciated

  38. Hi
    Can I use Xbox controller wath games

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