Grim Reaper Evolution Destroys Everything in -

Grim Reaper Evolution Destroys Everything in

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Welcome to another io game! This IO game is In Fly Or Die, you become a flying animal and evolve through eating things. Watch More FlyOrDie:

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FlyOrDie Game Overview:

In Fly Or Die, you start as a small fly, as you eat things in the game you grow bigger and bigger and evolve through multiple different flying animals. It’s very similar to, except this game is all about flying animals, not swimming animals.

Play flyordie here:

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  1. There are way to many bats in this btw I maid it to the dragon but then I had to leave my grandma's house

  2. try to kill the grim reaper and the pumkin reaper and the pterodactyl

  3. Blitz sometimes mistakes animals for something else you know

  4. king ghidorah: I AM THE EATER OF WORLDDD!
    grim reaper: hold my beer

  5. opsite the zombie you can go through the fire and there is a boss (to go through the fire you have to be ghost or higher)

  6. When i was playing flyordie you killed me

  7. he just said he is going to drown due to lack of water

  8. pelicans could also eat frogs & bats could also eat evil rats

  9. Blitz. Hey we need to eat mummy's as a bird! Zombie. Ima zombie xd. Mummy. Birds can't eat mummy's edited here mummy's eat birds 2020 to 2020

  10. ……. I am the best space eye ball in history of space eyeballs- blitz

  11. here is a challenge only eat real players no npcs

  12. 9000 blockman go pro Bistro of player says:

    Boss ultimate boss you need to kill them and you can beat the whole game

  13. people: says the name is spider

    me with big brain: its blck widow get killed by it and see

  14. next to the smaller pyramid are a lot of dead fish stay there as the swamp monster to level up fast

  15. Wrong words from Blitz:
    "Im dying of lack of air poisining!"
    My reaction:Ah,We need air poisoning,To survive right?
    "Now im stuck in a *bad word* tree"
    My reaction:Its not a *bad word* tree Its a *bad word* Cloud

    Edit: I have a question for you guys (type answer by commenting my comment):
    Guess the pokemon:Pokemon #1
    ⚡ + 🐁 = ? (Write in comment)
    Pokemon #2
    🐝 + Drill = ? (Write in comment)
    Pokemon #3
    🐌 + 💉 = ? (Write in comment)
    Pokemon #4
    🐌 + 🧒 = ? (Write in comment)
    Pokemon #5
    🔥 = 🦎 = ? (Write in comment). |

  16. im dying from lack of air poisoning
    -Blitz 2020

  17. Does he not know those yellow things are those are dinosaur eggs bananas

  18. as much as he says he doesnt want to be a seagull he said mine so much

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