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Hallie Jackson NOW – August 10 | NBC News NOW

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Thousands in shelters overnight as Maui wildfires burn homes and force evacuations, federal prosecutors propose Jan. 2 trial date in Trump election subversion case, and Supreme Court puts Purdue Pharma bankruptcy deal on hold. 

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  1. If the judge continue to eat money for Biden god is bring many deaths.

  2. I won’t get this time back and this has been a waste of my
    Time bc Eminem world and that’s not how I’m willing to be defined. Sorry they took that route a decade ago. I suggest that get corrected asap!

  3. It’s controlling and hostage like. Did my fair share of attracting criminals for a decade. Need to move on.

  4. Hostage isn’t a shame. It’s a series of crimes that good leaders would have prevented and intervened on unless they and their staffs were getting ahead on my situation. Not great. That’s my grandfathers life and the political conversion should be criminal too.

  5. Biden may as well just hand Iran nukes if he's going to give them 6 BILLION dollars.

  6. I should be having rich convos and practicing law.

  7. Dead babies and call your mom! Bc we need to level you. What’s waste of my time.

  8. The lady across from me is getting belligerent and obsessed with my child. I suggest there be criminal consequences

  9. Maybe an opportunity want water b*tch? We like used all your stuff and like?

  10. So back on waiting for concerts for like ppl like pretending to me so like others can get ahead and like I get demeaned and harassed.

  11. Eminem isn’t the center of who I am and 45 fostered that in ways that wasted my time. Led to severe harm.

  12. Goals timelines and making me whole. If the Huma princes is related to my grandfathers king speech I’d recommend a different trajectory for me than relying on ppl whilst this happen.

  13. I’m sorry anyone but black ppl in particular think that’s okay.

  14. There are going to be lawsuits when I get attys.

  15. They wasted so many years of my family’s life and turned our things into the shitiest propaganda like Handmaids tale.

  16. If the approach were different I might support certain things from certain leaders but they don’t have me.

  17. May others Follow My suit in Prayers for more assistance to come for these People.. May God be on their side.

  18. If lawyers are dimes a dozen… tell this SMF i want ten by my side 24/7

  19. The downside to the paint. In the winter's it will reflect the heat out raising heating bills. IMO

  20. Trump doesn't need to campaign like he said he just needs more indictments.

  21. This is what they get for electing a criminal to the highest office. They are all criminals now. Less Republican voters as they are in prison soon.

  22. White could be okay if it brings my electric bill down! 😂

  23. How can you sleep after killing that old man 😭😢😮

  24. Usually with hurricanes you worry about the heavy pouring rains and flooding.. Looks like not in this case. Mostly I thought of high rain totals and tropical moisture there. Guess not.

  25. Is another stupid media like CNN like NBC like ABC like so many other medias they all related to the same people ilumiNATTI‘s lawyer to people hate America I hate nationwide people promoting the devils and you know I am a stupid enough just

  26. Rioters need to get a life and grow up. Losers. What do you tell your grandkids in 40 years ? Yeah we didn't get a free gaming device.. So we busted up cars and property and caused civil unrest.. Great job!

  27. Yes.. Plant trees and stop using black tar crap on roads and parking lots and roofs.

  28. Space trip had Better luck than the last Titanic sub trip.. Nice

  29. oh my god, Prayers to everyone in Maui Hawaii. I think war and fighting for political gains is getting old, we should be helping one another. Mr. Aaron is most patient with all this chaos, can't imagine covering all this chaos. Fr NBC Fam the best.

  30. Connected? Help the homeless, the poor, sick, hungry…

  31. Fentanyl oxycodone tetracycline LED manufacture process factories in China were invented the Americas and owned by Americans. Fentanyl and oxycodone are precursor chemicals for Americans led street lights and flashlights. Congress has repeatedly refused to put fentanyl oxycodone tetracycline on the controlled substance list. Fentanyl does not have a legitimate medical use

  32. Those fake electorets tried to steal our votes, knowingly and in doing so change the course of the nation. They should be held for treason. Jailed for life.

  33. You’re kidding me , it just took me 3 summers to repair and paint my house by hand with a 3” brush and one leg…..and I painted my house the wrong color ? How do I get a gal. of eye strain white?

  34. Biden is not very good at Prisoner swaps-sheesh

  35. More photos out. JOE Biden with hunter Biden business partners, but the corrupt news media is not gonna show you this ,watch NewsMax people, and you will know what's going on in your own country.

  36. >>>>>>>>  Increase Your Satisfaction By Understanding Your Existence 
    … sea rch EXISTNC

  37. trump should have thought of being able to candidate for becoming president again bBEFORE he started to cheat, lye and being a despicable person! If he can't rally it's his own falt

  38. What happened to defunding the police or prison reform? That's all NBC talked about for 4 years.

  39. Isn’t the saying dust to dust, ashes to ashes? He should be happy his father returned to nature. He needs to look at it in a positive light.

  40. Lou, every nursing home, elderly care facility, the TV in the day room is on ABC, because of the soap opera that comes on after the noon news. It is feeding time. That TV sits on ABC from GMA to evening news. The view is not watched. We don't have time for that spew!
    The residents hate it. That's how they get the ratings. 😮

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