How Celebs are Turning WHITE overnight | Science of Skin Whitening -

How Celebs are Turning WHITE overnight | Science of Skin Whitening

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Bollywood celebrities have to observed to change their skin colour within months. Naturally, it is almost impossible to change your skin colour by any means, since your skin colour is encoded in your genetic code, your DNA. So, what cosmetic products and/or treatments do these bollywood celebs take to alter their skin pigmentation, drastically??

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  1. Sir what about face wash and creams is it good or not

  2. Fabulous video.
    I'm a very light skinned mixed race person but I do suffer from intermittent hyperpigmentation for which I was prescribed Hydroquinone. So found this video very interesting

  3. Plz make video on white hairs and permanent black colour medicine

  4. Educated people knows that's just skin color that's y many white women r getting married with black men but Asian people thinks fair skin is a beauty but in reality it's just a skin color or nothing else

  5. Eumelanin jda hoto darker skin if phemomelanin hoto lighter or fair skin is it possible to adopt any color other than white or black? Please make a video on this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. The intro 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. bhai apky purvaj bandr hon gy Alhamdulliah hum hazrat adam (a.s) ki aulaad hain

  8. Agar koi Kala kavva kahae to u SE vilayati chiha kahna 😂😂

  9. I hope ur videos reach out to those so called racist and white supremessits in europe , North america and oshiania region😊😊

  10. Ye, our character is more important than any thing.

  11. Thank you very much. I was about to start this treatment of being fair. After watching your video I decided not to do this thank you ones again for giving us an very important information

  12. Please make video on mega under Earth Ocean found

  13. This is very horiffic , this society is very horrific because according to them fair skin is beautiful, 😢 people's are literally changing their DNA .
    My 13 old cousin who is dark skinned say also tese things that he will take injection to get fairer 😢😢😢😢

  14. Bhai m ese hi thik hu natural ways hi use Karo

  15. South Korea is a plastic surgery people 😅

  16. Lemme tell a short story:-
    Bhagwan ne jab duniya banayi to usne 3 rotiyan pakai , pahli roti jyada jal gayi jo Afrikaans ne khai to wo kale ho gye.
    Dusri roti kachi rah gyi to wo British logon ne kha Li jisse wo us kachi roti ki tarah white rah gye
    Phir tisri roti unhone ache se pakai ek dum brown colour ki Jo India walon ne kaha li jise khakar hum brown rah gye 😂😂😂😂

  17. Fair skin is beauty of symbol
    This is show human knowledge
    And brainwash mindset about beauty😢


  19. A very detailed explanation boss, i felt like u r a professor.. hats off bhai….

  20. Skin color is complicated to explain to the public.

  21. Another good day to be born as a Pakistani with Light skin and hazel eyes

  22. Gaurav bhai mai aapko bata du ye science channel hai toh yaha science se related video dalo bhai 😂

  23. Hlw gaurav bhaiya ….. Apko pata hai jab mai … 12th years ki thi tb apke videos dekhti thi to apke viewers 100 ke approx jate the….. Aur ab mai 18 ki ho chuki hu …. Tab apke subscribers dekhi to millions me hai …… Itne salo bad apke videos dekhi to kafi achha laga ….. Ap to kafi jyada change bhi ho chuke hai pahle se….
    Apke videos mujhe pahle bahut achhe lagte the..
    Apke fans bhi kafi jyada hai …
    But apki first fan to mai hi hu na
    Mujhe apke universe se relative videos bahut achhe lagte the ….
    Mujhe yaad bhi hai ki mai apke black wholes wale videos bahut dekhti thi….

    So tell me who is your oldest and biggest fan among all these……??😊

  24. Thank you for such an informative video but the example of South Korea stands just in opposite direction.

  25. Wrinkle nhi bolte vgyanik baba
    Rinkle bolte h😘

  26. Gumaan movie ka ek sada bahar gaana, "hai hum kaale hai too kya hua dilwale hai" my skin type also dark and I love myself.

  27. Much much respect to you gaurav bhai… You are really doing a great great job… ❤❤

  28. Only bollywood will ask a Miss World to lighten her skin 😂😂.. Thank God she is in Hollywood now where her brown skin is more sexy and desirable.

  29. Man gaye ….kisi topic ko top pick par le jana koi inse sikhe…kha se kha lejate hai…

    Buddhi bhrast karsakte hai agar ek sath 5 se 6 video dekhliya to..😢😢😢😢

  30. Badi hansi ki baat hai ki south Africa k jangal k bandar insaan ban gye lekin baki sab countries k bandar insaan nahi ban paye. India k bandar to bandar hi reh gaye or hum bandar se insaan ban k India mei aa gye. Darwin k ess principal ko aaj k sabhi scientist ne galat mana hai. Pta ni ku ye pade likhe log kese vishwas kar lete hai.

  31. It is 'Confidence' of being comfortable in your own skin that is scientifically and universally supremely attractive!

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