How To Use A Wading Staff when Stopped and Casting -

How To Use A Wading Staff when Stopped and Casting

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A key part of of how to use a wading staff is what to do with it when you stop to fish. Wether you do fly or spin fishing, you need to tether the wading staff to your wading belt. Once you do that, it will float around and get in the way UNLESS you follow the guideline I discuss in this video. I think this is a safety issue as well. Putting it where I show keeps it out of the way – no tripping on that stick!

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  1. Rule #1, don't keep the staff leach attached to your rod hand side.

  2. Steve, It appears old man time is catching up to me. That said, I'm not yet prepared to stop chasing smallmouth in some relatively hard to reach spots and it looks like you are using a substantial wading staff. Would you kindly advise the brand and possibly the seller for the one in your hand? I've been a subscriber for some time and learn something new almost every video. Thank you in advance and stay well!

  3. I use a couple of carbiners to attach it to my wading belt/pack

  4. I’ll give it a try next Spring when wading the slippery Colorado river. Thanks a lot Steve! 🦯👍👌

  5. This wouldn’t work for me. I have my net on the back of my vest

  6. Zounds, I should have had a V-8. Great idea. Thanks.

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