Hurricane Ian Aviation UPDATE 28 Sept. -

Hurricane Ian Aviation UPDATE 28 Sept.

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  1. When I checked in earlier on FR24, the Orion was in there with TEAL71 – didn’t stick around nearly as long though. Those WC-130Js seem to have incredible endurance on these missions.

    Also I can’t really comprehend the GA damage I’ve been seeing. The storm hadn’t even made landfall yet and there are people ON the ramp showing planes tossed around? It doesn’t make any sense to me… how is that even possible?

  2. Oh also, I heard a report that TEAL71 experienced a near-instant loss of 700 feet in altitude followed by a gain of about the same – said it was by far the worst turbulence they had ever experienced.

  3. Why don't folks fly their planes out of harms way? I really don't get it.

  4. I have watched many strong hurricanes over the years. Recently i get the impression that wind speeds in the storms are being exaggerated? The weather Service claims sustained winds of 155 mph yet i see no winds over 80 maybe 90 kts (just over 100mph) in your App. Also the eye is too large not tight or circular enough for a near Cat 5 storm.

  5. Once one aircraft tears loose, that is pretty much it for the rest as the debris fan spreads. A Cessna 206 survived a tropical cyclone at a remote town in Australia. The winds overturned and wrecked a heavier nearby aircraft. The Cessna had been tied down to concrete-filled drums. The other aircraft was pegged onto the unsealed apron. The Cessna had moved its tiedowns and had weathercocked the nose into into the wind as it reversed with the eye going over.

  6. I can't count the number of times we did a fly away when storms were approaching, yes that was in the Military and we were flying KC130s which do not get tossed around in a storm. Having said that, I always wonder why folks do not fly away their general aviation aircraft. Surly insurance does not cover them completely…I know if I had an aircraft I was fond of I would get it out of the way of the storm.

  7. My dad used to go to auctions held after airplanes were damaged by storms or tornadoes, buy lightly-damaged Cessnas at a bargain, rebuild them and/or use them for testing for Texas Taildragger & other STC projects, or just re-sell them.

  8. Sad to see North Perry airport damage, I learned to fly there back in the late 70s.

  9. If the hurricane can be tracked by satellite for direction & speed etc, what additional useful data is actually gained by flying through it?

  10. How quickly people forget how bad these storms can be! Why didn't more people evacuate their aircraft up out of the path?

  11. Why oh why don't more aircraft get bugged out of the storm path ??.?

  12. How about the choppiness of the inflow from a hurricane? Back even before Katrina, I was flying on a plane bound for Miami from Lima, Peru and we just suddenly lost lift for probably a minute (and here I am one to be worried about the earthquakes but judge them about the actual time that they last). I was worried, but not panicked like some other people, because I was watching our flight track and we were still super high (probably to fly higher than the bulk of the hurricane so we could come into Miami.

    We lost like 1000 feet (which I didn't know until they decided we could look at the flight track again after the disrupting meteorological phenomenon). We might have stalled. The flight simulator on which I bungled my ass into convincing a plant to take off and, even much later, convincing it to land without computer killing myself and everyone on board, I realized that it was just to figure out how to fly the plane and there was never any complicating weather. I wish I had not been a coward and just joined the Air Force but it's too late now because I am too old.

  13. That's a huge eye. Fuck if I'd want to get anywhere near that, in the sky, in the sea, or even on the ground. I sure hope people got the hell out fo there.

  14. According to Don La’mon it’s climate change.

  15. 1992 hurricane Andrew cat5 direct hit.
    In the heat of the storm my dad turned on his aviation radio.
    A symphony of distress beacons echoed an eerie sound.
    Realizing there was a bunch of planes upside down at the airport wasn't comforting.
    I could hear swarms of tornadoes.
    It was fast moving and dry….about all I can say positive about it.

  16. Has anyone checked in with Kermit Weeks?

  17. Thanks Juan for a great report. I can always count on you to keep it real!

  18. That is some damage.
    Great vlog Juan,thanks.

  19. I live in south east Florida. I don’t understand why they don’t fly this aircraft out of the way. We’re talking big $ here.

  20. One would think they would look to ALL available pilots to fly operational aircraft OUT well before a storm rather than take the risk of losing them

  21. We need a Blancolirio ride along on a hurricane hunter some day….

  22. Me and my dad have a Beechcraft Sundowner 180 (n2259l) so I’m not too sure how the condition it will be when we take a look at the airport.We are under a shade hangar so we’re hoping no roof has fell on our plane 😢

  23. I got many of my ratings in some of the aircraft that were destroyed, it was very sad to see them go.

  24. I would think that those owners didn't really care if they lost their aircraft(assuming they had insurance).I know that your family and home come first and the family airplane was on the bottom of the priority list but it seems with all the advance notice of the path of the hurricane the planes could have been moved to the west.Then again, maybe the owners aren't current or the planes are not airworthy for some reason or another.I would think that around 100 planes will be destroyed in Florida.

  25. Tampa Bay, 101 years without a major Hurricane and counting. Could be one of the safest places in Florida.

  26. What is to be gained by flying an aircraft through the middle of such a storm? Surely no employer could risk their employee’s life this way in this litigious day and age.

  27. It makes me glad I live in Europe where we don't get hurricanes.

  28. Really interesting to learn about the effect these storms have on aviation!

  29. Juan, stable aircraft are always sought for gov't roles in dangerous dynamic and static wind conditions. Wildfires and Hurricanes create those conditions. Cal Fire uses a twin Grumman platform for fighting fires. Do you have a stable platform favorite for fighting wildfires, and have any comments on what plane you might be grateful to be flying if you were a NOAA Hurricane chaser?

  30. It’s so frustrating to see people leaving airplanes tied down outside. If you can’t secure hangar space, you shouldn’t be an aircraft owner. This refusal to accept reality raises the rest of our insurance rates.

  31. The hurricane hunter reported severe to extreme turbulence at 9k just west of Ft Myers! They did an interview with the pilot who described the flight. WOW…It takes a special pilot to want to fly into the eye!!

  32. Fox news Interview of a Major Kendall Dunn in charge of a squadron of C130 hurricane hunters described his 3rd mission flying thru Ian as “being a significant emotional event” with airspeed control and pitch control at limits not experienced before. “If you’ve been on a commercial flight and experienced turbulence, just magnify this by 100”, he stated!

  33. I will never understand not moving your aircraft when you have so much warning!

  34. Seems like an underground parking spot for at least the trainer planes would be cheaper than building new ones

  35. The aircraft photos remind me of when I had finished ground school and was ready to start training, but a tornado went through the Opa Locka airport and the plane I was supposed to fly was found on the other side of the airport, even though it was tied down.

  36. My sister stayed thinking it was going to Tampa. When water got 2 feet in the house they decided to bail. Didn’t get far, car engine quit. They called a neighbor with an F350. Didn’t get far with that either. Stalled in 5 feet of water. Called another neighbor with a jet ski and he picked them up and took them to a neighbor with a 2 story house. They survived the night along with 13 other people. They are in late 70s.

  37. 👍👍👍😰🌀🌪👍👍🙏🛩

  38. Is there a favorite airport up north that Florida pilots fly to?

  39. Highest capacity planes ever built (Miss Piggy and Kermit). Have to be to haul around the load of brass spheres that are inside of it. Yea, I know it is a calculated risk and all that, but still, never see me doing it.

  40. Wait until the ice in Greenland melts away… add to that a couple of gargantuan ice shelves breaking off Antarctica and we'll have all the ingredients for disaster of biblical proportions. Seems like every other day some new report is published wherein scientists are revising the time-line forward… if I see the animals lining up two by two I'm heading for the high ground.

  41. It's like magic or sump'n — in Florida you can park your plane in the evening and return in the morning to find a boat in your spot.

  42. I wonder why the owners didn't evacuate those planes. If they couldn't for some reason, there are plenty of pilots/instructors willing to fly commercial to florida (or wherever) and fly an airplane to safety. Kind of like Angel flight but to save airplanes. If airworthy they shouldn't just sit there and get destroyed.

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