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I Flew in To Celebrate My Dads 40th Birthday With Him And The Family 🥳❤️

Reginae Carter
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  1. Your dad is a legend, trendsetter, literally your favorite rapper's favorite rapper (Kendrick Lamar's favorite rapper – Wayne). At this point, he may be the most historical and influential force to ever come from the Lou…makes Mardi Gras look like a baby shower. Happy Birthday Champ!

  2. Happy Birthday wezzy sending love from the bay Oakland baby.i wish you many more to come thanks baby girl for uploading your dad's special brithday


  4. First off to all the mfn “L I B R A S”🧡🥳 happy birthday goat’s🫶🏼 I love us!!!!!! & To the goat himself happy 40th birthday again and again and again Weezy f baby please say da baby… (10/07 my day😮‍💨😁 next Friday we going up) LETS GOOOOOOOOOO📌🎊🎉🎈🎁🎂

  5. You and deshae sister Brooklyn look and sound alike

  6. This was so sweet awe happy birthday Lil Wayne🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 your such an amazing person & such an inspiration! Reg your truly blessed 🙏

  7. if my uncle ceelowthegr8t was still alive he would've been there🤞

  8. Aww such a beautiful display of appreciation for Wayne. To see his joy from the video tribute and Keith Sweat was beautiful. God bless you all.

  9. Happy birthday Lil Wayne you are the best rappers out here

  10. I really love how Wayne got excited when Keith Sweat came out. This was a very nice birthday dinner. Thank you Nae for sharing with us all. HBD Wayne and welcome to the 40/40 club. ♥️

  11. I Luved every minute of it, from beginning to end!! Especially Keith Sweat singing my fav. " Make It Last Forever," Mr. Carter dancing with his mother, the bday shout outs, but it was Reginae's lil brother asking "who Keith Sweat was" and then saying "he thought Keith was light skinned" for me!😂😂 Thanks for sharing sweetie!!!💝💖

  12. Thank you soo much Reginae for sharing these special intimate moments with us!!!!! ❤ I smiled the entire time! I’m soo happy your dad was surrounded with love on his special day and I can tell he loves some Keith Sweat 😂… May God continue on blessing his legacy! Happy 40th Birthday Mr. Carter! THA GOAT‼️

  13. the one w the dreads is his TWINNNNNN… well they are but

  14. Ur brother “ who that “ “ i thought he was light skinned “ had me dying 😂

  15. Not your brother saying I taught he was light skin 😂😂😂

  16. Such a confident, stunning, beautiful Queen. Keep doing your thang. ❤

  17. "It's Keith Sweat baby" lol that part reminded me of something I'd say.

  18. This was an awesome vlog! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Wayne…. And I wish you many more!!!

  19. This is bouta be cool, Lil waynes Daughter youtube video! Damn, Ur pops sat right in front of me at A skateboard contest in NJ like 8 years ago, it was cool

  20. Congratulations on 300k Reginae now people let’s get Armon to 300k 50k to go go to his page and subscribe for amazing content

  21. This is nice. I watches the whole video without skipping. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  22. with weak lyrics and ghostwriters and massive marketing.. Children you can be great too.

  23. I’m a huge fan love your dad omg we’re getting old 🙏🏾😭💖💟✝️🥹💜✝️💟🌈🫡🔥🔥🔥💟🔥🔥


  25. Looking just like yo daddy gurrrl.Your the female version of wayne…Although you have an ounce of your mothers looks too🤷..Ive always felt like you look more like your DAD..Either way it go's 🤔?!?! YOUR BEAUTIFUL REGARDLESS & Toya raised you very well.Your such a sweet & Adorable, well rounded young Lady❤👍

  26. This was dope nae🔥 happy birthday to the goat🥳🎉💪🏾

  27. Aww, your baby brother with the dreads?? He looks just like you & your DAD.Hes sooo fricken cute 😊

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