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I Fly Home Tomorrow | Lewis Black’s Rantcast

Lewis Black
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Happy Memorial Day to you all. Hopefully the long weekend treated you well as we all kept those in our armed forces top of mind. Lewis is wrapping up an European run of shows and will be on a plane headed back to the states by the time you read this. Since ranting into a camera on a plane high in the sky is probably not the best look for someone, Lewis pre-loaded this episode while he was still on the ground (and about to head out to record an episode of The Daily Show) so you can all enjoy.
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0:00 – Intro
4:46 – Rant #1: Someone is not a fan of toes and cologne
6:03 – Rant #2: Doctor Bill has has had it up to here with people who hate vaccines.
8:55 – Rant #3: George makes his own funeral plans
10:34 – Rant #4: Anonymous knows people don’t understand DEI
14:16 – Rant #5: James has a rant about escalator people
16:08 – Rant #6: Chris thinks people are going to die because people don’t know how to use headlights
19:13 – Rant #7: Derek rants from the very hot Philippines
20:21 – Rant #8: JD in MN has a rant about his new co-worker
22:03 – Rant #9: Michelle O’Brien is pissed at Lewis
24:39 – Rant #10: Cassidy Cook has a rant about a 5-way intersection
26:57 – Rant #11: Rachel needs to travel through a military base to get to her neighborhood
33:00 – Outro


  1. No pressure, but if you don't make a joke about N Korea's crap balloons I will feel robbed.😛

  2. Once when I was at the end of my rope, I randomly watched one of your shows & you saved my life with your intelligence and your humor. Your almost a religion now, don't ya hate it?!👹Live with it. Don't you ever think that you haven't made a difference! You have saved sooooo many souls, you wonderful fucking human being!!!!❤🎉

  3. <3 to Lew and <3 to Bill the ER. WHen I am helping someone or saving their lives, I do not have to listen to their ignorant MAGAt opinions.

  4. Hi Lew!
    Have a blast on the Daily Show! 🍻

  5. On escalators, I was reminded of that 'South Park' episode where Eric's mom bangs Clinton to get ultra-late term abortion.
    We need abortions? How old? I think my mom suggested over a hundred trimesters was a goal at one point.

    Unrelated, and I can't guarantee I nailed it (as I'm in Wisconsin…where we, according to a one minute hunt on locating this, have had three of them.) Sorry I boldly split the infinitive on that one, but if you want to see a place in Tennessee called, "5 Way," with a rail near it…you'll have to find it on a mapping app in the next year, as I have just read this doesn't exist as a restaurant anymore:
    7331 Memphis Arlington Rd, Memphis, TN 38135

    Unrelated, but as an old geek, I would say, that is a very elite address, very 'lite, a real script kiddie 1337 address. Younger me might be jealous…you know, accept for all that traffic pointed right at the building…I used to have nightmares about a large truck hitting my house on a corner along a rural highway, which rarely has vehicles going over two tons on it as it were…accept for all the liquor trucks. God bless Wisconsin, where the largest trucks near a church almost always has more alcohol than the congregants absorb between sermons.

  6. I think I speak from Carlin, flying sucks… fuck it!

  7. Hope the rubber chicken is waiting for you at home!!!

  8. Yessirki watched 2 back to back earlier now another one? Lewis the fuckin legend love this shit man. Cheers with your travels. 🤞🏾💯

  9. You bring my crusty old butt much happiness and joy ❤😂

  10. You look good, Lewis. Rested. Glad you're having fun!

  11. That last rant was just crazy 😮 what a pain in the ass to have to put up with ! I had no idea it was that way .. o thought only those on base were subject to that kind of scrutiny .. I sure hope your vacation has been nice you deserved it !

  12. Just to make you more comfortable…. its still alll kindsa fucked up over this side of the big water. 🙂

  13. 2 amazing rants: DEI and hospital. Very cathartic. Thank you. No need for a shrink now !

  14. You look happier and healthier than I've seen you in years. Hope you and Kathleen are well.

  15. Hello Lewis how are you doing? Did you get my rant from after the London show?

  16. I've been in Europe and loved every minute of it. Things are more laid back and a whole lot different than the United States.

  17. I'm 65, and it makes no sense to me either that these idiots are ant-vaccine I've had every vaccination since I was born I've never got sick and have never contacted anything I was vaccinated for. They are nuts.

  18. The biggest problem today is no common sense or respect.

  19. When you come to Wisconsin go to Madison I'm sure you would fill the colosium

  20. That DEI rant hits home. As a disabled vet, take your hate and shove it up your a$$.

  21. Hey any body else have brainwashed family members what if anything helps to not argue things like the definition of facisim and seeing it from Putin's point of view all day at work I'm honestly asking side note I'm Canadian so maga ,alternate facts and very effective propaganda has spread far beyond the borders of the United states and into our homes and lives and it's like having you're brother in my case switched with someone who was a german youth in 1942….

  22. I got a rant about older comedians who get famous enough to do grueling tours only when they should be walking around their block with goofy weights in their hands. Be well, take your time, save your money.

  23. Thank you for all the years you have contributed to my sanity !!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ 😊😊😊😊👏👏👏👏

  24. Hope Europe is a blast. We loved being stationed over there.
    Never stop being you!

  25. Better bread and cheese than I can easily get

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