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I Tame the Wild Hoopoe Bird in 30 Days: We Live Together! #birds

Mr Wild Nature
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A Heartwarming Tale of Rescuing Baby Birds
This story can serve as a lesson for all of us. Personally, I feel like I’ve gained a wealth of new knowledge, as if I’ve read tons of books in just one month, and it has done me a world of good…

One day, I found an old, rotten tree hollow on the ground, and I could hear noises coming from inside. I had no idea what it was. Despite waiting for hours, even all day, I didn’t see any living creatures. When I looked inside with a flashlight, I saw baby birds making incredible noise, as if calling out for me to take them. Even after watching from a distance for a few more hours, their mother didn’t return, and it was getting dark.

I reached out to a few knowledgeable people about such matters, and we concluded that their mother might have been killed by another predatory bird. At first, I thought they were woodpeckers because they were in a tree hollow. As evening fell, I was torn about what to do—what if I took them and their mother returned later? It was a huge responsibility for me at that moment. I couldn’t just leave them, but I didn’t want to take them either. Normally, I read that the mother would feed them every 2 hours, but she never came back.

When I shone the flashlight inside again, I saw hundreds of ants swarming the chicks, and I had no choice but to remove them. Two of the chicks had probably been killed by the ants. I immediately took out the remaining ones: four were feathered, one hadn’t even grown feathers yet, and one was very, very small. Unfortunately, the smallest one couldn’t survive. Among the ones I saved, there was even one that hadn’t opened its eyes yet. I did everything I could to keep them alive. I put all my work aside and started feeding them based on all the research I could find.

For 30 days, I fed them as their mother would have, trying to train them. I fed them every 2 hours. In the early days, I fed them a mixture of egg yolk and dog food softened with warm water. Later, I found someone who sold live mealworms and fed them mealworms. While feeding them, I constantly tapped on a jar to get them used to the sound, thinking they might come to it later, and they did. We’ve been together for 30 days now, and an incredible bond has formed.

I’ve lived with dogs for years, but I never knew or could have guessed that birds would bring me such peace and happiness. They wake me up in the mornings at my forest house. I keep my window open, and around 6:30 AM, they all come in and wake me up. It’s an unbelievable feeling. Honestly, if someone had told me about what I’ve experienced, I would have thought they were exaggerating. They fly from tree to tree around the forest house, follow me when they see me, and make different noises when they see something unusual. As soon as they hear the sound of the jar, they come to me. So far, everything has been beyond wonderful, and they are free to go if they want. However, I’m certain they see me as their mother—they aren’t afraid of me at all. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

I’m eagerly waiting for everyone’s comments on this video, and I thank you for watching.


  1. Mr Wild, what region is this? Do you live there? I ❤️ that your pooch is so comfortable there co-existing with nature

  2. Birds 🐦 look lovely,
    Hello odin and nosi.

  3. păsărelele astea sunt tare minunate,cu ciripitul lor! si câinii le iubesc ..ce atmosfera frumoasă acolo la tine…ma bucur ca ne arăți si nouă!

  4. Outside, surrounded by animals – so peaceful 🕊️

  5. Que vas tu en faire sur le long terme ????🤷‍♂️🤔😏🙄

  6. your dog looks a bit confused.🇺🇸

  7. The most well protected and lucky birds ever. A human and a four legged protection monster watching over them. Peace be upon you all❤

  8. Your birds and your dog are so adorable ❤️and you are so kind.

  9. Lovely birds and cute dogs!! ❤️😍🐕🕊️

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