If you're an adult mayfly you'll probably die before the end of this video - Luke M. Jacobus - bouncylandapp.com

If you’re an adult mayfly you’ll probably die before the end of this video – Luke M. Jacobus

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Trace the life cycle of mayflies, and explore why these swarming insects are a sign of healthy aquatic ecosystems.

For most of the world’s 4,000 mayfly species, adulthood lasts roughly one day. And for some species, it’s only a matter of minutes. This isn’t because they’re all eaten up by predators. Rather, this abridged adulthood is a natural part of their life cycle. So, what role do these bugs play in their ecosystems? Luke M. Jacobus explores the stunningly short life span of the winged insects.

Lesson by Luke M. Jacobus, directed by Denys Spolitak.

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  1. The genus and species pronunciation is totally on point

  2. It’s so cool to see my old Bio Professor Jacobus featured in a YouTube channel I watch regularly! He truly deserves all the recognition he is getting for his many contributions to science.

  3. I have seen a sort of mayfly swarm about 10 years ago. They were really cool. Their deaths feed birds so they can become parents. Its all a part of a balanced ecosystem.

  4. Hey I actually made it through this entire video without d

  5. The Mayfly man is
    Here today
    Wine glass shatters on the floor

  6. As a professional mayfly I can confirm this video is accura

  7. As a mayfly I’m very happy there’s a video abo

  8. I played it on 2x so that mayfly may not die before the end of this video.

  9. you manage to make even the mundane topics fascinating!

  10. Wow this vid is so intere💀 -a mayfly, 2024

  11. 2:45 ???? How does the mayfly fertilise an egg and let it grow until it hatches inside them in a single day? Is that just for the species that live longer?

  12. Be me a mayfly watching the vid at 2x speed 😎

  13. As a mayfly, I can confirm that we die bef

  14. Here before the june-wrong monf, the mayfly dies 😎

  15. thanks for telling me this information. i am a mayfly with opposable thumbs watching this video, i am 5:09 seconds in! what wi

  16. Mayfly, the bug who is able to fly at any time they want to escape the dangers in their habitats.
    Thus, Mayfly may fly.

  17. I realized that watching videos herert as opposed to making a friend made myself worthwhile 🙂 1:15 am

  18. There are mayflies everywhere tpday, what a coicidence

  19. Loved the video but just be aware of the inaccuracy @4.35. To sample mayflies you would do a kick sample.Wearing wading boots, go into the middle of the river and while holding a mesh net downstream, kick up the sediment. A scientist sampling mayflies looks a lot different than what you've portrayed.

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