It's Fly or Die for This Hummingbird Chick -

It’s Fly or Die for This Hummingbird Chick

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This emerald hummingbird chick isn’t quite ready to spread its wings, but it may not have a choice as a chicken snake slithers closer to its nest – a real moment of truth.

From the Series: Into the Wild Colombia: A Hummingbird’s Quest


  1. I don’t like the idea of year of the serpent when it should be the year of the hummingbirds.

  2. Mom's wing tugging was very cool to see. C'mon kid, we gotta go NOW!

  3. Fake as hell 2 separate videos of a snake and a bird

  4. Phony vid, snake was never close to the chick


  6. Man I was having a panic attack 👍😄 glad mommy was so persistent

  7. Can’t stand when they edit videos together like this. It’s all National Geographic does anymore either.

  8. I think I'd watch this footage even it had no 'plot' so to speak, or even narration. There's no need to make something as beautiful as a hummingbird chick learning to fly into some adrenaline-fuelled thriller.

  9. Communication between mother and chick is clearly seen here. Very nice video!😍 But,we Humans can't understand animals but they understand if we talk to them, this is because of our Sin in Eden garden that we became blind to God and we can not understand animals, we can adapt like animals in extreme weather conditions, we can not predict natural calamities like animals, etc., But, we can understand the difference between good food and spoiled food,water, air, etc.,

  10. You guys do know animals chases on animal planet and Nat geo. are staged right. They just edit video or catch a preditor to eat prey. You think they just find that footage in the wild, no they make animals and bugs kill each other lol From what I've noticed…..

  11. LOL nothing happened. Nice clickbait way to go bro

  12. Staged or edited– it doesn't matter. It's still amazing footage of two beautiful animals.

  13. Wow, our nation really is getting dumber! Not once during the video did the narrator say that the snake was in the same tree. This is where the ability to listen and comprehend becomes vitally important. The snake was zeroing in on the location of the hummingbird chick. It was drawing closer, and would soon be within a few feet of the nest. The mother was alarmed by the snake's presence nearby. I can see how someone as dumb as Donald Trump could be elected by millions of Americans. It seems as though there is a great deal of pride in being unaware of ignorance. To those complaining about the narration I suggest you rewatch the video, and this time squeeze your brain. It might help you better comprehend what's being said.

  14. matter of fact, i enjoyed the video and moment. u can judge it all u want, cuz that only ruins ur experience. not mine or others

  15. Narrator: chicken snake
    Snake: aM i A jOkE tO YoU?

  16. Camera: "the snake hunts for the chick.."
    Camera: also look at this random monkey for no reason

  17. This might at as well be CNN trying to connect Russia to Trump.

  18. That snake was a paid actor hired by the mother to motivate her chick by creating a do or die situation.

    One more spoiler….. it turned out later that the mother hummingbird was advised & financed by the channel to create this drama.

    Damn this crooked people's nowadays they try to control everything from content creation to what we can or should watch. It's like they want to control our mind by feeding us with data. Which in turn would lead us to a conclusion they want us to reach. Which is in favour for them.

    Of course financially…….

  19. And Mr Snake goes….Damn!!! I went all the way across jungle traffic because I craved hummingbird!

  20. Everyone wants to make unique story out of normal life cycle and so the editing comes in picture to give suspense.

  21. The snake was in another multiverse. Great video editing by the way.

  22. I almost got heart attack pheww. I hate snakes 🐍

  23. 1:11 it worked so hard and shixt himself… Did you guys see that?

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