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Jaimie Branch Fly or Die ~ Theme 001

Peter Menard
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“Improvisational trumpeter and electronics artist Jaimie Branch, a Chicago native, began playing trumpet at the age of nine. Doing double-duty, she has also worked around her home town as a sound engineer for Tim Daisy and Ken Vandermark. A relative newcomer, Branch moved to New York to complete a Master’s degree in in Jazz Performance and settled down in the music mecca of Brooklyn. Fly or Die is her solo debut and it is a unique and unconventional introduction.”
Personnel: Jaimie Branch: trumpet; Tomeka Reid: cello; Jason Ajemian: bass; Chad Taylor: drums; Matt Schneider: guitar; Ben Lamar Gay: cornet; Josh Berman: cornet.

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  1. Exciting and I feel and anticipate the rising tension in the music. 👍. Nice.

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