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jaimie branch – Fly or Die

International Anthem
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get to know Chicago-raised New York-based free jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch and her debut album “Fly or Die.”

documentary by Mark Pallman

jaimie branch’s Fly or Die
in stores May 5th 2017 on LP/CD/Digital
order today via intlanthem.bandcamp.com


  1. I just was turned on her music yesterday. She was so rare, real, and I felt I could see and hear her soul just by the way she played, and carried herself. What a blessing her life and music was/is. I can't say I've felt this emotional about a person that I just discovered yesterday. Thank you Jaimie for the impact you've made on me, in one day. You will be revered and missed. Fuck Fentanyl.

  2. … wow. So impressed. So courageous ! So TRUE …: "Free Jazz is a lot more room to be YOURSELF"

  3. I lost a fellow trumpet sister. We crossed paths around 2004 when we were in our early 20's, but ended up in different cities. You will be remembered! Let it be so! Someone like you happens once every millenia.

  4. So sad to hear about her passing. You were unique. Unfortunately we won't be able to enjoy your concert in Barcelona next year. You may be gone, but your music will live forever.

  5. RIP Jaimie. Absolutely gutted to hear the news. Hands down my favorite jazz musician of the modern era.

  6. Love her talent, wish I could sing on one of her 🎶

  7. Buen viaje, jaimie. Que Lester y Miles te reciban como lo mereces.

  8. Part Miles Davis, Part Ornette Coleman, Part Don Cherry, whom Jaimie speaks to…

  9. The King Buzzo of trumpet. In the words of Apone, absolutely badass!

  10. Proper late to the game me… brilliant work from this crew

  11. j'aspire à jouer comme toi. sources d'inspiration. your so great. I'll buy on band camp

  12. Had the pleasure of seeing her live a few days ago. What a legend

  13. Absolutely beautiful documentary, from beginning to end- WOW! This is the kind of film making I'd want if I were to get it together like you, Jaimie. I came across your album by chance, well- I guess Youtube's optimization picked it out for me. So glad I listened and then found this perfect pairing of image, story and sound. Keep making, Mark Pallman and Jaimie Branch.. and your band.

  14. I love for Jaimie to blow her trumpet. Blow.

  15. you killing me evertime i hear you!!! saludos de swiss <3

  16. Pam Fleming – Fearless Dreamer here! Just read about you in Downbeat, so I thought I'd check you out! Nice to "meet" you!!! I want to hear more! Great doc about you! http://www.fearlessdreamer.com

  17. Beautiful! Much love to Intl Anthem, Jaimie, Chicago and NY from Finland.

  18. I see you're coming to Minneapolis. I haven't gone out or done anything alone in … Years. I'm single now and I think that, I'm going to come see you, alone. You're amazing. You've got a spirit.

  19. I found you because of Goliath, season 4

  20. Last week i was walking by the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, passed by a music store. They were playing Fly and Die live. I started listening "theme 002" for the first time. It blew my mind. I bought it on CD and can´t stop listening to it. Wow. Congrats.

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