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jaimie branch – Fly or Die

International Anthem
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get to know Chicago-raised New York-based free jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch and her debut album “Fly or Die.”

documentary by Mark Pallman

jaimie branch’s Fly or Die
in stores May 5th 2017 on LP/CD/Digital
order today via intlanthem.bandcamp.com


  1. I'm sad that I only 'discovered' Jaimie's work late in 2021, really sad to hear of her passing, but she left so much great music behind for us to enjoy, so her name/spirit lives on.

  2. Rest In Peace Jaimie, it was an honor to share a bill with you February 2022 at Duke University… I met you that night and your personality as so full of energy and had such a wonderful time hanging out with you… and your performance, explosive, and dynamic… thank you Jaimie

  3. Más la escucho, más lamento su temprana partida. Descansa en paz, Jaimie.

  4. Came back to watch this again after hearing about her passing. Just commenting in the hopes of hearing from other folks who were impacted by her music. I found her playing relatable and human. Whether I was surprised by it or found it familiar, I'm always glad to hear it, and I'm glad we'll always have it.

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