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Jamstik+ | Fly or Die

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The newest version of the Jamstik has Jordan and John jamming in our NYC studio. With it’s low-energy bluetooth connection to an iDevice, it’s convenient for musicians on the go. Once an Indiegogo darling, will this portable MIDI instrument get a Fly? For more episodes of Fly or Die, click here:

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  1. I have a question. Would it sound like playing a slide guitar if I use the ring on my finger? Also can you adjust to open tuning, like open G or D, for example?

  2. having 45 years (since apple][) this product froze on update, calibrated far off of the mark, ignored notes, was set to no hammer on, it is passed off as a guitar but can not slide a note, pulloffs go to open string if to short, about the fasted notes are 8ths (rare occasion can you get it to acknowledge a 16 let alone even dream of doing a 32th.) i think by default it is set for someone trying to learn chords not how to play. personally i feel it is detrimental to try to learn with this as for one you can not cover a string, (infract covering the string at certain sensitivities is actually picking it. this thing took a solid week to get to the state that i can say it is not playable but, i will be able to learn to play it. (already can play a guitar but as i point out this is not a guitar it is more of a keyboard. the fret board feels like construction paper, it is only 8 notes per string (but 8 notes (all semitones) is not an octave (12 semis for an octave)lots of the tech support advice like what to do in case of failed firmware update is incorrect and does not result in being able to reupdate. the actual tech help was confused when they said to change TO channel one midi and when i said i tried all, and found it to work best on the highest, the reply was there is no highest midichannel. wrong 16 and that is common to most midi this devices midi selector is a slide bar so i truly fail to see the confusion as that slider is one to 16.long and the short is with 45 years of computer exp and much music and midi using this device has turned out to be no more than a club. it is not useable to really write a midi from actual playing (i could rough out something i suppose and enhance it) advice to the developers there are styles of play : rhythm and lead, by default it seems they set it to (failingly) very slow chord learning) i play leads. in no way will this ever keep up.i would suggest figuring setting to the playstyles and ask the person rather than strum strum strum.i am not satisfied but can see where i should have realized it would not bend. but not slide from note to note. how would yo do a blues turnaround, much sliding, how do you use a finger to stop vibration of string (the vibration is not making the sound on this device it is just triggered by the string movement in the sensor.kudos on the electronic achievement though it does see where the fingers are, but all-round this is just a toy. it is not an educational device (one plays different on a guitar, one NEEDS to use the WHOLE fretboard, not just one area.my professional guitar playing friend laughed his head of at it after playing it, as it did not at all do even the right notes (pulling off went to open not even with the finger down) i would not recommend buying this to anyone with experience on guitar, and definitely not to anyone with no experience. get a keyboard or a real guitar.

  3. where can i buy the jamstik+. i want to buy jamstik . tell me plz

  4. Good video…Just don't say it's a Small Guitar!! All the insecure REAL guitar players out there get real testy about that. "That's not a Guitar" "Go buy a used BC Rich for the same money". People, especially guitar players, its a Midi controller!! You should be thanking Jamstik for coming out with a controller that you can be comfortable with right out of the box!!

  5. I am a guitar player, no way I want this POS!

  6. Nice little MIDI controller, I'm curious if it'll work well with apps on Desktop as well

  7. Don't be fooled. This is not a guitar. I found it unplayable and mailed it back within 5 minutes of opening the package and they made me pay the shipping. Buy a real guitar for 1/4 the price.

  8. What a turkey.. the guy completely ignored the fact the thing is difficult to hold while playing and this is a major flaw to the device. It also has note precision problems as pointed out in a much better review by a musician. Great concept for portability but at this stage, don't waste your money – it's rubbish.

  9. if playing a real guitar is your goal then your time and money would be so much better spent on an actual guitar. If you have no ambition to learn how to really play a guitar and just want something that you can vaguely control to play some chords so you and your friends can have a sing song but requires as little time and effort as possible then go for it you might have fun.

  10. 0:53 actual pickup you would find on a real guitar? It's a midi instruments bud. You even said it yourself too

  11. Oh come on, not ONE video out there to show a complete riff or solo ore rythm section played with this sucker. It´s all about blabla and setting it up and apps and so on. I want to hear a piece of music played with it, not only three or four simple chords. I bet it is crap and therefore nobody REALLY shows it.

  12. no way this is worth 300 bones LOL what a joke. someones playing fools deluxe.

  13. Holy hell is this a rip-off. One can buy a really good (concert worthy) guitar for this money.

  14. When is the full neck version coming out?

  15. HI. Thanks for the great vid. Is it possible to to just play the Jamstick with some head phones but close OR lock my phone. Just have the phone in my pocket ? Many thanks

  16. You can use it as an acoustic? (I know the sound isnt that great as an acoustic but it'd be nice to practice my guitar without lugging my guitar around all day)

  17. guitar players be like…. meh….

    this might be something good. since its a midi controller and it opens up possibilities for recording on garageband or other DAWs or other portable devices.
    Though the latency is unbearable the feel is good. A few tweaks on this thing will open up a whole new type of midi instrument other than "it" being a guitar.

  18. Why not just buy a real guitar for the same price and not be limited to 5 lousy frets, and crap midi sound…… -_-

  19. I looked at a lot of jamstick videos and NO ONE plays anything even resembling a song on one. Is that actually supposed to inspire someone to purchase this thing?

  20. im a guitar player myself and i think it is not bad at all especially if you don't have time to learn guitar. You can use this on break time while you are in the office or something like that . It is small and you can carry it anywhere .

    Edit : well , with 1/4 price of this tool you can buy a real guitar but the point of this product is you can carry it anytime and everywhere if you have some money , give it a try !

  21. well this is a waste of money. for that $309 you can buy a great practice rig and nice REAL guitar.

  22. I think I know MORE about this than you two guys and I ain't even touched one. Seems like a nice way to add some useless junk to your collection of useless junk

  23. "It has a actual pickup built in" WOW!! This kind of garbage is designed for one thing; making money off of would-be guitarists. Furthermore, if you can't be bothered to "lug around" your enormous guitar, then just give it up already. Part of learning how to play is getting a feel for holding your instrument, and learning to tune it—on your own!

  24. I bought one and if i give feedback, it is really hilarious even i forget my hand-made guitar 😀 here is the website which i ordered: https://goo.gl/qkzAor i'm sorry if it's not allowed but i am not the site owner 🙂

  25. you can buy a real guitar for $30 bucks, and if you like it maybe maybe this pos

  26. Don’t buy this as an instrument. Latency is horrendous and is not for the accomplished player. My daughter is a non-player, learning guitar for the first time and is finding the Jamstik+ very enjoyable to play. She’s working through the JamTutor app and it’s actually very good. As an experiment, I asked her to try and play what she’d learnt on the Jamstik on an actual guitar and remarkably she could, so for us it has it uses. I’ve hard wired it to my MacBook Pro to see if the Bluetooth latency issues get resolved and they do a bit but it’s still not an instrument. For example the delay and sensitivity is so bad, you can’t even strum out songs. A musician will be completely underwhelmed. I think the lack of usability was demonstrated in this video. I’m assuming the girl in the video can actually play guitar as this wasn’t apparent when using the Jamstik. As a toy / learning tool for a 10 year old to learn on its good but it’s a hellishly expensive toy.

  27. If you bought this you are a fucking idiot

  28. So it's "the best thing in the world"……but it's hard to hold!? Only a slight setback for a Guitar!

  29. Why didn't you find a real guitar player for this ad?

  30. Why not just sell a version with full frets?I'm sure there would be a market.

  31. Awful. I sold mine after I saw this video.

  32. Wtf is this video? Literally didn't tell me anything about the product just two people not playing an instrument properly while trying to talk.

  33. I am a guitarist and recommending here don’t buy this just waste of money

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