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Jamstik+ | Fly or Die

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The newest version of the Jamstik has Jordan and John jamming in our NYC studio. With it’s low-energy bluetooth connection to an iDevice, it’s convenient for musicians on the go. Once an Indiegogo darling, will this portable MIDI instrument get a Fly? For more episodes of Fly or Die, click here:

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  1. And that's your video? Seriously? We barely heard the thing and what we (I) did hear was just noise. Sounded like 💩. Your mic level was too high. What kind of completely unprofessional 3rd grade product promotion did you post? I would hope the makers this plastic $300 waste of money were just joking around and the real product is still under development. If anything, you both opened my eyes as to what not to buy. Jeez – a real embarrassment.

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