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KT vs T1 | Match1 Highlight 08.10 | 2023 LCK Summer Playoffs Round2

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00:00 Intro
00:03 Game1
08:19 Game2
17:35 Game3
27:25 Game4
38:04 Game5
46:10 POG Interview

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  2. Another banger series…. Really happy that team won

  3. Another 5 games series? Telecom wars have been so good this years.

  4. POV:You Choose the Demon Difficulty even if theres Normal Difficulty Option

  5. Faker's brain is unmatched. Genius. The man behind T1 success many times called “finished”, “fraud”, “carried” has proved his worth just by being absent. The king has returned to save LCK.

    I have the opinion that Faker deserves every MVP since his return. The way he saved his team and his impact is fucking unbelievable, there is probably no one who understands LoL better than him.

  6. Bro, independently on who won, it was a banger of a series and it was a great watch! Gg to both teams and T1 fighting!

  7. can someone tell me why the english casting isn't on the official website anymore?

  8. I don't know why kt picked t1 when they don't know what t1 looks like now that faker is back

  9. Where's the haters of T1 now?? I thought you guys predicted 3-0 against them? Looool

  10. should've included the across the board KT win prediction.

  11. Cadê a KT???? Kkkkk T1 é muito superior, Faker é o melhor do mundo, quando está jogando deixa o jogo fácil!!!

  12. holy moly T1 is soooo good with Faker back, truly the heart and soul of T1

  13. I told you yesterday KT… YOU CHOSE US…😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. FAKER diff u dgs who was talking sht abt T1 when faker was injured !!! SH SH IT NOW DGS

  15. lol map 5. Game plan. Just Build Zeus and then just push and WIn

  16. Fakers presence definitely need for this team. Oner and keria's performance is too poor when faker is gone. Zeus manage to evolve when faker is gone. This is what they need a better and dominant toplaner to be able to face 369 bin theshy and other dominant toplaners of LPL. Im looking forward to worlds hoping t1 can manage to enter

  17. I admit Faker is not as dominant midlaner as before but there's something in him that makes his teammates function well.

  18. Ojalá pierda t1 por hacer sus payasadas de dejarse ganar los últimos juegos sin faker, la verdad se veían mal haciendo eso, hasta mensos parecían en las tf

  19. No thanks to Poby. Would have lost 3-0 and each game would be over in 10

  20. Wow I worried at first when they sub out poby for faker but seem like this faker guy have a lot potential.

  21. Hooooly hell did Oner NOT want to win this and Keria was wintrading it felt like.

  22. O Faker com a mão ruim joga melhor ainda, esse cara é uma lenda

  23. Bdd is more an adc then a mid lander 😂 GG T1

  24. 100% sure, lpl can destriy t1 in 15 munites as much

  25. T1 is a team that depends a lot on Faker psychologically. Keria best player on the team, no doubt!

  26. Tristana mid deserves no respect. Pencil neck pick.

  27. English casters have no idea.. at all.. changed to korean casting even though I can’t understand anything 🤦🏻‍♂️

    The disrespect for a T1 back at full strength..

  28. He takes the pressure away from them and allows them to play comfortably

  29. It’s not even like KT played super poorly. There were some suspect drafts for top but outside that nothing egregious. T1 has looked pretty good since Faker returned.

  30. Sometimes Zeus playing out of his mind. Thats why hes so scary. Great performance!

  31. T1 played really well especially on their wins here. I've always believed that they're one of the best teams to play the game, but their drafting and ego have always held them down. These issues were never seen in this series. They got a good read of their strengths and that of KT and they drafted (and adjusted) well based on that. Coming in also as underdogs surely made them more motivated and leveled their confidence at the right place. If they continue to respect their opponents and have this mindset, this should give them good results coming in to worlds.

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