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Let’s Talk About Fae

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Fae, fairies, fay folk, the good folk, the kind folk, they have so many names and yet we know very little about them. Who are the Fae? Where did they come from? What are they exactly? And why are they all hot in today’s fiction. Let’s talk about that.

Sherlock Holmes Video:
The Sandman Video:

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  1. Bit sad the Changeling TTRPGs or the October Daye novels weren't mentioned, but I suppose somethings must be left out to keep these videos manageable xDD
    Awesome as usual, Jinzee. Looking forward to the next!

  2. Only video game I can think of that's about fae is Folklore, a very good but fairly obscure RPG for the PS3. It's basically what happens when someone takes traditional Celtic myths about the fae and crosses that with Pokemon and turns into a dungeon crawler. A game I would definitely recommend…if it wasn't so hard to find these days

  3. Labyrinth movie is definitely about the Fae

  4. 1. Oh of course the Jesus folk came in to complicate matters!
    2. Workers would likely be better off if the Fae replaced Jeff Bazos.
    3. Gold star and a sticker for using panels from Sandman, Jinzee.
    4. …Orgies you say?
    5. Peter Pan sounds dark as shit, man! No wonder why A.C. Wise wanted to do adult retellings.
    6. Can't help but think about that Torchwood episode that centered around Fae and how their existence in the Doctor Who universe is far from the weirdest shit they've put out.
    7. Any thoughts on the comic series Fables? Bill Willingham's questionable worldviews and attitudes have come under reevaluation over the past few years with emphasis placed on how said views crept into his most well known series.
    8. "Literally a sugar baby"
    9. Autism equaled fae apparently
    10. A future video on exorcisms might be cool if admittedly depressing in places.
    12. "These fae fuck!"
    13. Keep on rocking the blue hair!

  5. even when I zone out and loose track of what your saying, your voice is so soothing

  6. 11:53 Why do I get the sensation that I have seen that scene on Berserk? Or at least the part about the entrails going around trees sounds familiar.

  7. The music in the background sometimes reminds me of something, a point and click game but I am not sure which one.

    Sorry … going off topic … pretty good expose you have there. It's impressive to see how those stories were used to ellicit obediance at the time.

  8. Great video as always, Jinzee! 😃 I love folklore! Your take on things is always thoughtful and I could listen to you read a stack of user manuals. 💜

  9. I admit that I never cared too much about fae/fairy creatures, until I discovered the RPG nook Changeling: The Dreaming. The book not only has interesting lore on each of the playable creatures, but the book itself is an incredible work of art that I'd recommend to anyone that like fae, rpg, or simply creative drawings. I never got to play it, but there's a ton of potential in it.

  10. Hot?
    Well, if you are into having your skin flayed to serve as a canvas or like dancing yourself to death or being enslaved to the whims of an utterly alien being maybe.
    That is how they are usually portrayed in most stuff I see, though I have been called a hipster before, for reasons.
    The ttrpg shadow of the demon lord is a great example for this. Don't mess with fae people!

  11. I always am hit hard with the final fantasy 8 world music.

  12. Oh man art is censored in that picture at 6:20. I like how the Fae were heavily influenced by Christianity and not complying and playing your role in serf society meant that they would tear you apart. This was all about power and maintaining the status quo by those in power.

  13. Thank you for this! Been trying to study some of stories of the fae and this helps

  14. A someone who writes stories and want to do one with Fae yet am scared to start because there's a lot to them, this was the best video to help ease my nerves and learn more new stuff about them

  15. "That's rough buddy."
    Full snort. Well played.

  16. Jinz! I love your videos. I finally figured out your intro music. It was pushing some unknown nostalgia button in my heart/brain, bringing back happy and contented feelings. FF8 was one of the best gaming experiences of my young life 🙂 Thanks again for your great videos and the impromptu trips down memory lane! 😀

  17. If you are looking for modern fae stories, I highly recommend several books by Gene Wolfe. They run the gamut from other worldly to Arthurian and are fabulously written. These include:

    The Knight and The Wizard (a duology)
    There are Doors
    The Sorcerer's House

    As a bonus he was best buds with Neil Gaiman. Wolfe wrote the intro to one of the Sandman books. I also have a signed copy of "A Walking Tour of the Shambles", which they co-authored.

  18. Boy, did D&D take A LOT for 5e, with the Seelie and Unseelie and all that

  19. A good example of True fairies/Sidhe is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

  20. You know creator is top notch quality when even if you do not know anything about the topic nor ever shown interest in it, you will still come and check the video because it will be a masterpiece, thank you for turning me into a video snob Jinze 😎😄

  21. From now on I will always carry a loaf of bread with me for protective reasons UwU

  22. Thanks so much for the enjoyable video Jinzee

  23. Why the heck do I think that you (Jinzee) and the host of Mythology and Fiction Explained would make a decent and interesting colab duo?

  24. Fae creatures and the Seeli and unseeli court are still very much a thing in D&D. If you were looking for games that have fae creatures 🙂

  25. What I learned from this video, messing with fairies can be a faetal mistake.

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