Match the Hatch: Dry Fly Fishing in Mayfly Heaven | Flymaniacs with Erlend & Cato -

Match the Hatch: Dry Fly Fishing in Mayfly Heaven | Flymaniacs with Erlend & Cato

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Welcome to witness one of the craziest dry fly fishing film you’ll ever see. We filmed a FLY TV episode in 2022 where guys Erlend Vivelid Nilssen and Cato Vivelid Monsen were fishing for some mayfly hatches. As we all know these insect hatches are always like a coin flip situation where conditions and fishing gods play significant role. Wind, air temperature, air pressure and several other factors determine wheter the hatch will come or not. In 2022 we were honestly very unlucky with the conditions. It was windy, cold, rainy and hatching was small making the fishing slow and fish unactive.

So in 2023 we decided to give another go for this project. Based on previous experiences, we knew that if we hit right conditions, the fishing should be good. Very good. And it could be Great. Even Fantastic. We could not be two time that unlucky, or could we?

#Flymaniacs went all in on Summer 2023 for the another try. And everything turned out to be… Perfect.

Welcome to follow a maniac day of mayfly fishing in Norway. This is a Dry or Die episode and this time we did not Die. Size #10 mayflies hatching everywhere, lake run brown trout coming in the river after them. If a flyfisherman had a Heaven, for many of us it would look and feel like this.


  1. Why does your guys website not give any option to purchase stuff ? I’ve been trying to buy a xlv reel for ever and it doesn’t have a option to put it in cart or anything

  2. Cool friend, very cool video,
    Thank you for sharing your experience,,,👍

  3. Epic video!Could we get a Tie TV episode for the secret fly?

  4. Such a good video. Really Nice Job guys🙏Just wondering what kind of action on the rivermaniac you guys are using? Fast or medium?

  5. Sick footage, and mad skills. Well done and thank you for sharing with us. Kanon bra💪

  6. Great video, beautiful casting. But you would lose less fishes if you would use an upstream curved cast, and get as close to them as you possibly can, I like watching them raise and I see them better at short distance…

  7. This IS a very good day at work 💪💪

    Incredible, I Hope this happens two me one day 😁

  8. Great video guys fantastic fishing,what glasses are you wearing?

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