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Moto Phones | Fly or Die

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This episode of Fly or Die brings out 2 tiers of recent Motorola phone releases. The flagship being the Moto X (2nd generation) and the affordable option, the Moto G. Both phones run Android and have upgraded internals. But the Moto X will win the day on specs and build quality. Will both phones get a fly from Jordan and John? For more episodes of Fly or Die, click here:

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  1. I'm sorry guys this is disappointing that this is on tech crunch and you have not tech personnel looking at some of the best devices in the market. Moto g is the best bargain buy out there and doesn't matter what you say it's a win and the fact you guys are deterring some ignorant people doesn't mean you guys know what you're Talking about. Please do some research and make some informed decision before uploading a video you need to use the device as a daily driver before considering its a fly or die because first glance you don't see much.

  2. What is this? A casual talk between two people at the park ? Pffttt

  3. Would be nice if either of you had a clue as to what you where talking about…the infrared sensors that wake up the phone do NOT waste the battery. It is a amoled display. Only the pixels that show the time and notifications are used for that feature.

  4. You should do a little research beforehand. Active Display actually saves battery life because it provides a way to get quick information such as the time or notification without fully powering up the entire phone every time.

  5. y r u reviewing phone, when u know nothing? the moto g is 180 unlocked!!! and dont do an intro sayin " we're back" ( nobody knows who u r)

  6. I have a motto g and it's my first smart phone. It feels well made but not definitely not fancy. Is the best value among all phones

  7. I have the moto g2 since 3 weeks now and it's an awesome phone. Everyone says that it's the best phone for its price. You should first research a bit before you say shit like this. The moto g is a total fly!!!

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